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  1. Yup, I was looking for that as an option.

  2. I learned a new trick. Thanks!

  3. Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  4. I haven't had a issues with mine.

  5. The S.S. Minnow. I'm guaranteed to run around at least once a game.

  6. I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening!

  7. I know someone else posted one of their videos as an answer to you.. and while I dont have videos, or even know what the hell i am doing half the time, I DID watch a video by Sumatchi ( i think that was the name, pretty sure i have seen him here too) and it was like 100 zenith tips in 10 minutes or something.. it was actually pretty well done!

  8. Cool, I'll see if I can find it. Thanks!

  9. This is all valid. To make things easier in the meantime, I'd get familiar with all of the youtube videos and the wiki.

  10. Germans in WW2: We used the kitchen sink already! What else do we have?!

  11. I haven't been out caching in years, but if someone posted a SoT cache I'd head out the door.

  12. Yeah, my only other point of comparison is Assassins Creed Black Flag. What I really liked about the ship combat there was that if the other ship was "disabled", you could come up beside them, grapple onto their ship and then board and fight. I thought that would be cool, but the harpoon on the ships don't really support that.

  13. Not a bad idea, have the abailty to raise the ship ladder, making it so someone can't board. If you leave it raised the only way to get back into your ship would be via mermaid. You could only board a ship by jumping or cannoning on it. That could make it tricky to board a gally though.

  14. I use the Bed Visualizer plugin with the BL Touch

  15. Great! Just get that Bed Visualizer plugin and click the "Update Mesh Now" button. The BLtouch will probe the bed and you'll be able to see how level (or not) your bed is.

  16. That's great! It's nice to play with and against good pirates who aren't toxic.

  17. Counts as camouflage, and it holds the rank together! What will they think of next?

  18. I wouldn't call people if they had too many 9s or 0s in their phone number. It just took too long to dial.

  19. This worked like a freaking charm. My kid called me for help, and I couldn't figure anything out until I saw this post. Thank you!

  20. I can predict the counter argument to this. You have to take a class and be licensed to drive an 18 wheeler. You also have to "show your papers" (logbook) up on request of an officer. To own and operate a firearm you just have to pass a background check. I like to use alcohol as my go to example. Lots more people are killed by drunk drivers than by guns (10,142 in 2019). No one wants to take away alcohol.

  21. I’ve heard “counter arguments” to just about everything in this thread. I used a similar argument about traffic fatalities in a classroom discussion and had someone get visibility upset (weird af, but they almost looked they were about to cry or something) and tell me that my argument was scary and manipulative. And some fucking idiots agreed with them and basically said guns and scary and should be illegal, end of story. Like I can’t really argue with feelings. Idk maybe some of those people are outliers, but it seems somewhat common in my experience.

  22. Yup. People want to ban guns because they are scary. Especially those fully-semiautomatic-assault rifles with 1000 round clips and their button buttons that shoot 10,000 rounds a minute. Basically those people have zero experience with firearms, and that's the challenge. If all you knew about cars were car accidents, you would be completely against cars. They are unsafe, they crash all the time and go way too fast. You have to find a way to teach people about firearms and firearm safety to help them understand that a gun itself isnt bad. It's the user of the gun, much like the user of a car.

  23. Totally photoshopped, the shadows are wrong.

  24. Only if you can do a Superman pose while bring fired out of a cannon.

  25. Nope! Those coats and that coat hanger would be gone.

  26. That's called a zombie. You have to destroy its brain.

  27. You can place it on your own character to carry it, but if you try to place it on a party member, it'll place it on the floor.

  28. That's really great info! Thank you!

  29. Question on the torch. Can it be carried by a character or can you only place it?

  30. Im still a relatively new player and i get a lot of “you fucking noob” chats. What am i supposed to do when the matchmaking sets me up with actual experienced players and most of my crew is below 100%

  31. This is my biggest complaint about this game. If WG REALLY wanted to make the game better they would balance teams by skill.

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