1. How has your relationship been with your own parents and family recently? She can make a case for grandparents' rights if they're the only family the kid sees regularly. If you can, I'd move all of you to your parents' immediately. If not, spend EVERY DAY with one of your trusted family members. They need to establish a relationship in case it ever goes so far as to a judge needing to grant temporary custody during an investigation.

  2. My son sees my mom regularly. She watches him for us & they don’t get any time with him unsupervised & now they aren’t getting any time with him. We moved everything over this morning.

  3. Congratulations!! Moving is hard PERIOD and in this situation- you guys are rockstars!

  4. Sounds like your marriage won’t have children. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Exactly! After we had a baby they stepped all over our boundaries even going as far as trying to tell us how to parent & gossiping about how we are dumb/ not knowing how to parent (w/ unlegitimate reasoning)

  6. Told me “my son may not see the things I see abt you now but he will, I mean he learned his lesson with Hailey” Hailey was his ex who was abusive & who he had a stillborn child with prior to us getting together while also charging him with offensive touching when she was the one abusing him.

  7. I have endo & was never told by my dr that I’m “infertile” just that it might be hard for me to conceive.

  8. I understand being proud of your accomplishments but lying abt them on top of bragging abt them is something else smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ she makes no sense

  9. Me. Had no idea until she mentioned it & I ended up agreeing w most posts so I joined lol.

  10. Why’d she kick Kyle out? Was it because of Willow? Elaine seems very Christian like, so I wonder what she thought about them living together and having a baby. Willow said they were cool with it but honestly I can’t imagine a mom and dad being supportive of their teenaged child who has no home, real job, even no diploma yet being supportive of them trying to get pregnant. It’s crazy. Also I wonder if she’s ever embarrassed about Willow talking about being bi, her sex life and all the stuff she says and does.

  11. Elayne posted a couple videos saying she was okay with them having kids that young bc most of her family started having children young, while she waited. She said that if she had done it while younger she would have been able to keep up with her children. She also posted a video saying she doesn’t see everything willow posts but she does watch her TikTok’s.

  12. She set the bar on the floor lol it literally can’t get any lower

  13. Next it will be “omg guys he smiled at me without me asking, find you a man like mine 🥰”

  14. And since I KNOW she’ll see this and tell me I’m unhappy and miserable. I’m in a long term relationship with someone i’ve been with since HS too. You aren’t special.

  15. Exactly, been with my fiancé since middle school our son was unplanned but I had him at 20, turned 21 a couple months later & we got engaged a couple months after he was born 😂. She thinks a 4 year relationship is unheard of or something.

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