1. No bro, I'm thailand 😄close enough!

  2. Now imagine how hilarious my "to the moon" tattoo is 🥲

  3. Since you like beers make sure to try the Barasinghe beers, especially Pilsner, Pale Ale and Yaktoberfest. Nepali beers that are pretty great.

  4. Ahhh thanks! Happy to hear there is a beer scene, I'll make sure to try all of those you recommended

  5. I bought today on BitMart for the 120% APY

  6. That strange, i cant find the coin at all

  7. There should be services from LOMPRAYAH company from Rassada pier (Phuket) to Saladan in Koh Lanta. Suggest you contact Lomprayah directly to know about timings.

  8. This event brought to you by P3, the official protein snack of the UFC. Not unlike semen, the official protein snack of this young man’s early career. From fondling bags of nuts to being sponsored by a bag of nuts, this gentleman has truly done it all. He made his living pulling off strangers, but pulling off this upset would undoubtedly be the climax of his blossoming young career. A loss would be tough to swallow for sure, but he’s swallowed much worse in the past, which surely explains his rock hard will and extreme confidence in his ability to finish his opponent off to completion.

  9. Inte alls vad du frågade om, but there you have it ändå haha

  10. Haha tusen tack min vän! Alla råd är uppskattade :)

  11. There are not necessarily police in the airports to stop you. I meant when you leave the airport you will probably see them one the way to your destination. While you still in the airport, there are people who will try to offer to help you with your luggage so you can pay them. If you want them to do that, that's fine but some can really be insistent about it and you don't really want people getting close to you like that because not everyone is taking covid19 seriously. Last time I was in Nigeria was in 2019 and this lady offered to help me carry my bags and i used her phone to call my people. She just started begging me saying she has kids at home and all that. I did feel sorry for her and gave her something since she helped me out as well. Anyway, it's up to you on what you want to do. As for the police and others, just say you don't have, maybe If you have something else to give instead of money, or have someone who knows the area with you, they can handle it. I had my husband with me and he was the one talking to them mostly.

  12. Thank you so much for the information and taking time in such a explanation.

  13. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. You, however, are actively taking part in cryptomining which is extremely detrimental to the environment.

  14. Congrats on figuring out how to spell it correctly.

  15. 😂 Actually brilliant reply. Kudos my fake green peace warrior.

  16. This is called tax evasion, against the laws of your country to hide income

  17. Does that mean that you're planning to reside in Singapore / other country and sell it?

  18. That is correct. I would be a digital Nomad 😊

  19. I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds like illegal tax fraud / evasion to me.

  20. Firstly, I'm not a tax advisor, and this sort of question is best sent to someone who knows for sure.

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