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  1. the only man’s shot id never want to be in the way of

  2. He was very self-conscious doing the interview but he came off as a normal guy who figured out how to act as a middle schooler and kept getting better at it until decent money and fame happened.

  3. I mean... he was already starring in a Spielberg movie at around 12/13

  4. I got an email from someone where their company was clearly making them list their favourite drink, which could be interesting but the person who contacted me just put "Hot water"

  5. I googled Terry Gilliam feminism and it just has stuff about him railing against woke culture and saying he calls himself a black lesbian, that's not pretty feminist

  6. So disappointing to see him and John Cleese sullying the Monty Python name nowadays. At least Eric Idle and Michael Palin still seem like good guys.

  7. I knew about Gilliam's anti-trans comments, but haven't heard anything like that from Cleese. What did he say?

  8. Cleese started off with relatively valid concerns about comedy becoming a bit too safe and concerned about being PC, but that evolved into him becoming a bit of an "anti-woke" ambassador and regularly saying things that are offensive for the sake of it, including racist, sexist, transphobic comments etc.

  9. Regardless of whatever happens to him, it's still for the best if he had signed for us. What matters is that he would not be playing for City right now. Only thing that would ever stop him for the next 3 years is a long term injury, which I'm crossing my fingers for because fuck that freak.

  10. Tbh his team has spoken multiple times about him moving clubs regularly so he might not even be at City in 3 years. Could see him at Barca when Lewa retires

  11. It's going to be a real long season. 12 games with 7 draws, not exactly what you want to see

  12. It's got to the point where I just assume the other team will equalise at some point. It's even happened two or three times when going ahead 2-1 late on.

  13. We must have the worst record in any of the leagues for losing points after taking the lead!

  14. I dropped off watching Corrie quite a while ago but still read posts here and it's fascinating to see the huge turnaround of popularity the Baileys have had.

  15. I've seen this reposted at least 5 times in the last few months and it never ceases to make me smile.

  16. This is the first time I've seen it reposted without cutting out before they both smile so I appreciated this one more

  17. I'm always surprised we don't see more injuries occurring due to the slopes off the pitch at Old Trafford too

  18. OP probably shouldn't have used Hannibal Rising as an example in that case then...

  19. Tbf it was super unlucky how it happened, his foot got stuck in the turf after he blocked a ball, no way to prevent it. If it was a muscle injury fair enough, but this was just super unlucky.

  20. Yeah and I'm surprised he played on at all. If that happened to me I'd be wrecked.

  21. Didn't Sterling get similar false rumours about him too? I know it's Liverpool but come on...

  22. Every few months I am reminded of Ox’s existence

  23. I thought he left the club in the summer tbh. Must have just been transfer gossip.

  24. No no, that’s Nunez. Haaland is a poor man’s John Arne Riise

  25. Ah damn, Riise was one of the only Liverpool players I used to enjoy watching. Absolute cannon of a foot for a full back (which even unfortunately broke Smith's leg from the ball impact)

  26. Tell you what, I'm baffled by the fact not many places call it sweetcorn also...

  27. We even call it "corn on the cob" and not "sweetcorn on the cob" so not really sure where that name came from, does it get sweeter when separate?

  28. I saw this on the Animal Planet facebook page. She had 5 healthy babies. <3

  29. Found the post and the original seems to be from the IG page "thepiggypotatoes" -

  30. The extra spacing before any punctuation is what's bothering me most.

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