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  • By - MLS_K

  1. I understand your concern, but you need to stop worrying. You are fine. You live Christ-like. I'm sorry to say your family doesn't. To be a Christian, one must live Christ-like. Who did Christ kick out the Temple? The Pharisees. They were more worried about protocol and money than they were about saving people. He saw right through them.

  2. Are you in Nigeria? If not, have you thought of leaving your home. It is extremely dangerous to be gay in Africa. If you are not in Africa, there are plenty of organizations in the US, Europe, and Canada that help gay children relocate. They are having another child after 22 years is not normal. So let us know where you are so you can get help if you need it.

  3. I'll get down voted for this but I don't care. First, you don't LIVE in a Black woman's skin, so your perspective is different than mine's (I am a Black woman). You run a sub reddit to trash Meghan Markle. Why? What did she do to you? Absolutely nothing.

  4. There was charges filed and we're waiting on the county to move forward with them. We were told it could be a few months ugh

  5. Well an anonymous tip to the local news has a wonderful way in getting the DA to act on your case. Give them a try because who knows your case my lead into something bigger.

  6. Posting on a throwaway account so this isn't tied back to my main. I've been subbed here for a little bit. Made posts about how being estranged could happen if, for all intents and purposes, I did not have a bad childhood. I guess the post about "Does our silence cause them to think" is true...Spoiler, it doesn't and they see it as a personal attack.

  7. I'm so sorry you went through that pain and suffering caused by someone who is supposed to be your protector. Your father has no remorse for what he has done. Why? Well whatever happened in his past was so egregious that he compares it to what he's done to you. He doesn't consider his behavior abuse because his "abuse" standards are based on what happened to him. Which to me, makes his behavior MORE inexcusable. Who says "I could have thrown you through that wall if I wanted to but I didn't so give me some slack." A mentally sick individual. Like WTF? He has no concept that WRONG is WRONG!

  8. It's a never ending cycle. I'm done with her 100%. I want them to be miserable for the rest of their lives. But I have to be polite.

  9. I'm so sorry. Just remember that you are only 22. Honestly, you got out of a messed up situation. It's like he thinks of you as his "fall back plan." He will get his. Karma NEVER lets cruddy people get away with hurting others so callously.

  10. Thank you for this beautiful message. Honestly all these comments bring me to tears, I've been rereading them every day. It's just that I worry I was the toxic person and the one who pushed him away. I feel like it's all my fault and I could have saved it. I feel like the one who lost and not him. He's out partying and working, doing well, meeting new people, moved on. I'm stuck crying in bed and have lost 15 lbs. I had my own toxicity as well and I became completely unhinged in the final weeks of the relationship. He said "If you had just given me space, I wouldn't have had to end the relationship." But I couldn't give him any more space, I already felt neglected for so long. If I gave him more space, the connection was dead. I feel so ashamed to relive the flashbacks. None of these I did with the intention to harm or hurt him,though it felt malicious at many points from his end. I will admit that I broke up with him and took him back (as did he) too many times over the past year, which was a result of his terrible behavior not fit for a committed relationship. He lost respect for me because I never held my word. I let him walk all over my boundaries, which he called inappropriate to begin with. Me saying I don't want either of us in a nightclub without the other, he said that was toxic and I was ruining his social life. I was crimping his lifestyle. Whenever we got into a fight, he'd use the distance as an excuse to go out with his single boys. He started withholding affection when he knew I needed it, withholding compliments, withholding information, it always felt like a power game from his end or punishment for how I felt. He said he couldn't be honest to me, because I'd "start a fight over nothing." He always called me dramatic, toxic, etc when I spoke up about my needs. He always accused me of starting arguments when I would be trying to calmly express how I felt. It felt sadistic at points on his end, how someone could be so willfully ignorant of the bare minimum of relationship was devastating. He even admitted at times that he was a cold person, had trouble with showing affection, etc. I know I couldn't have saved it, I know that he had long decided I wasn't his forever girl. I felt it in every action or inaction and the words he chose or didn't choose to say. He made me feel so alone for much of the relationship. It was devastating because I wanted so badly for it to be different. But I know if I were to have stayed and not force the issue, the resentment and distance was only going to grow, at the further expense of my self esteem. He wasn't committed to a future with me, no matter what he said. He said as much, but always acted ambivalent with words vs. actions. And somehow, stupid me, I still love him and wish so badly it worked. I blocked him and it took every ounce of my being, because I would have died trying, and he said "Maybe in a few years..." He knows what I wanted wasn't what he wanted. He knew it long ago. So painful.

  11. After reading this, I think you understand why people shouldn't get married until after 30? You grew a LOT lately and your reflection of your behavior is probably something you would have never done 1 year ago. You are becoming a better person, but you are also looking to see that you know you're not perfect.

  12. What should I do he is not listening me when I tell him he needs too stay in their room too make sure others do not get sick

  13. You should take the clues from others in the house. If they believe as you do that your grandfather is being selfish and dangerous, then you have backup to get your grandfather to quarantine. If they don't seem concerned, then this is a wasted effort. They'll see your efforts as overreaction and think you're hysterical over nothing. If the latter scenario is what's happening in your home, then take care to protect YOURSELF since no one else are thinking about your health. Wear the KN95 mask when you're around them, quarantine yourself from your family members as much as possible, and make sure you're vaccinated and boosted.

  14. I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain. My father was the alcoholic in my family. He stopped drinking when my mother said, "I have place lined up, and Mary and I will be leaving if you don't get help." He called AA, and he was sober for the last 40 years of his life.

  15. If you're studying abroad, your school should have services to assist you with housing. If you're in college or at a university, ALL of them have offices to assist students in finding housing and all of the information as to how to pay for it. I have to be honest. I think you should DEFINITELY contact that office immediately.

  16. I'm so sorry you're going through this h*ll. Your mother is a grown woman. You need to let her stand on her own two feet for once in her life. She's manipulating you because she's selfish and expects everyone to take care of her...when you are not obligated to do so. Her behavior is turning your sister into the same type of person, manipulating others to support them. The reality is they have the capacity to live on their own by themselves. So please do not give in and support them anymore. If you do, you're enabling them, not helping them. They do not appreciate anything you do, therefore it's time for them to support themselves. When that weight is off your shoulders, use that extra money for YOU. Go travel. Take a cruise, visit a beach or even Disney. But you spend that money on you for once in your life.

  17. Thank you. They’ve painted me out to be a bad guy so from now on I will wear that badge with honour. It’s less draining to be alone than in their company, helping them when they can’t stand to see me happy. 🌻

  18. Excellent. Now go on that trip and have a wonderful time. I have no doubt that once that burden is off of your shoulders, you'll meet more people, develop long lasting friendships/love, and never be alone again. I wish you all the best.

  19. In this incident because there are actual incidents where there was no reason whatsoever that the cops are trigger happy or overly aggressive and end up killing an innocent. This man was not innocent & acting like he is, is just illogical.

  20. Just because he wasn't some innocent school boy doesn't mean he should be shot execution style with the police holding him down on the ground. You have MESSED UP morals. Meaning you don't have any real ones if you justify that anyone who does anything wrong can be stripped of their Constitutional Right to Due Process. That is what's happening here, and you are fine with it because you have already determine the man was guilty. Evidently, no trial is necessary and capitol punishment is fine for a stolen car for you. You lack empathy, compassion, humility, humanity, and morals. You lack a SOUL to justify these shootings.

  21. I'm so sorry you're going through this. If withdrawing helped you in the past, do it again. You have to live your life for YOURSELF. Not your! If leaving helped you in the past, do it again because you know it works. Do what's best for you because it sounds like your health will be adversely affected if your don't.

  22. When you became a mother, your priorities changed. Your children and their health and safety come first. Any good parent would understand that. I told my son that the day he was born, I stopped living for myself, but I live for him. He is growing up to be phenomenal and I don't regret the shift in my priorities at all because they were the same priorities my mother had...her mother had, etc. When he's on his own, then my priorities will shift back, but I'll know he can take care of himself.

  23. Hi. Listen, I am a bit confused about the January 6th comment. Did the Navy police come to talk with your brother or your step-father?

  24. I’m currently living with my boyfriend who really hates the situation. My younger brother (not the youngest) stays with my dad a lot (I could argue my dad isn’t the greatest tho lol) and the youngest is basically used as an abuse tactic so he rarely ever sees him. I’m doing my best to make sure that my younger brothers are safe from him. I was his primary victim and what he did and threatened me with has never been extended to my younger brother (who’s my full brother). I honestly want what’s best for my siblings because they deserve the world. Thank you for taking the time to comment and read my post :)) x

  25. No...I really don't think you understand the gravity of this situation. You and your brothers are really in danger...especially the 4 year old. When someone can't keep their temper in check that they threaten people with a sledge hammer...means he will do something eventually. He's out of control, and it always escalate until that person gets help, dead, or in jail. He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong so he will never deal with his anger until he's forcefully stopped.

  26. Junk them. You can’t reason with people that far gone, and even if you could - is that amount of effort really worth it? sometimes not.

  27. My goodness, none of y'all understand employment rights at all do you? If the person's work performance is acceptable, then firing them based on personal belief that they're "toxic" is a MAJOR EEO complaint in the making. The person is paid to do a job, not be friends with the boss. If they do the job correctly, then you shouldn't fire them...PERIOD!

  28. I agree with the other commenter. There is nothing more insidious in the workplace than someone with a toxic attitude. You may be reluctant to fire this person, but if they truly are toxic, the rest of the team will thank you when they are gone. If it’s bad to you, chances are it sucks for your team as well.

  29. He needs to find the source of the toxicity to address it. Also, if the person's work performance is acceptable, then firing them based on personal like is a MAJOR EEO complaint in the making. The person is paid to do a job, not be friends with the boss. If they do the job correctly, then you shouldn't fire them...PERIOD!

  30. Melissa Lively. Remember the lady that destroyed the Target in Arizona. She went around the country speaking on it, and she had to get mental health treatment to save herself and her marriage. She was so funny before she went to get help, because you could tell she was in a manic stage. But her husband said he wanted a divorce, and she got help. She will speak with anyone who needs help.

  31. Well be there for your sister when she has her new baby. She will need some help with her new baby since your mother is unavailable by choice. A new baby is the perfect way to NOT think about your mother.

  32. I am so thankful that you have found new love and are moving on. I hope the age difference isn't as much as it was with your wife. Honestly, because you are so much younger than she, I believe she started treating you like you her son, not her husband. Therefore, discounting your valid, SANE, rebuttals.

  33. Just be honest BEFORE the picnic. BEFORE your drive. Let everyone know about your husband, and they will look like selfish fools if they complain. I'm sure your grandmother will somewhat understand.

  34. I am so sorry to hear this. To me Q-cult members are similar to alcoholics, drug addicts, or gambling addicts. You can't help them until they WANT to be helped. Meaning, they have to hit rock bottom in order for any help to permanently work. Otherwise they will eventually find their way back to Q because they're addicted to what the rest of us think is "absolute nonsense."

  35. Holy parsing, Batman, read for comprehension.

  36. I didn't say it didn't matter. I said on the list of priorities, that is the furthest thing Congress will bring up. Moreover, if people sit out this election because minor stuff like this, you might as well surrender ANY hope for this to EVERY get passed. Bat sh*t Republicans catering to their ignorant base will be in power. They are catering to Q. We are at that point if you take a look at Florida. The Christian taliban is in control there. They will be in control nationwide if Bernie Bros stay home during midterms. So say good bye to any Federal drug policies changing. We will regress and go back to the time of "reefer madness."

  37. Honestly, I'm surprised you're still going to that reunion. The only suggestion I have is to tell your parents that you will come, but only if its at a restaurant. Make it clear you don't trust him. If they balk, then it's on them for the debacle.

  38. In that case, the wife was in it almost as deep as the husband. She was in danger, no doubt, but she was in it too.

  39. Very true. But so many people have enabled the behavior of their "cult members" because they don't want to cause conflict in the family. If someone is hardcore about Q after all this time, believe everything they say...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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