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  1. Honestly if Oberyn Martell was interested I wouldn't say no. Kind of helped me awaken to my not being straight as I thought

  2. I'm fully straight, like not even bi, trust me I'm comfortable with my sexuality, but if Pedro Pascal was making moves on me, I'm sure he could talk me into bending the rules a bit.

  3. Specifically, RE1 remake Jill. Julia Voth is gorgeous.

  4. Can someone enlighten me on what penis predicament is going on?

  5. This was from years ago when the whole ProJared controversy was going around, and Jared's ex-wife leaked a picture of his dick.

  6. Positive, I remember when this all unfolded. PBG rushed to Jared's defence, as did a few other NormalBoots members, but Jontron wisely decided to stay the fuck out of it with this gif being his only comment on the situation.

  7. No official servers, and no legal way to get it outside of having an original disc. In order to play it online you need the third party 2142 Hub program, and you find player hosted servers that way.

  8. That's what we thought after BF4 as well.

  9. Yeah I was gonna say, everyone was convinced the game after BF3 would be 2143 because of how many Easter eggs they put in BF3. The crates that had 2143 written on them, the mini hovercraft you could find flying around, that sort of thing. Then Battlefield 4 set it up even more with a full on prototype titan.

  10. I used to catch a lift with one of my friends occasionally, and the way she drove scared me. She'd have her hands casually resting at the bottom of the wheel, she'd merge really fast instead of slowly, she'd tailgate, she'd go around corners way too fast. I'd always be so nervous as a passenger.

  11. I actually trust my friends who drive a bit more fast and loose a lot more than the ones who don't have enough confidence to. Driving is a lot like working in a high place: The moment you get scared will be the moment you fall.

  12. I think there's a difference between fast and loose, and careless. Like the way she would hold the wheel meant that if something unexpected happened, she wouldn't be in a position to react fast enough. And tailgating is just dangerous no matter what.

  13. Nah I can corroborate. He was autistic and was raised in some of the most xenophobic household's imaginable at the time. A super impressionable youngster who mostly never left his hometown. When he DID leave, his opinions on race improved and he talked in his letters about how closed minded and shallow he had been in the past.

  14. He also lived a very traumatic life as well. It's really not surprising why his stories dealt with madness and horror beyond comprehension. He witnessed both of his parents devolve into madness. His father through advanced syphilis, his mother through depression and grief. He lived in poverty for much of his life, relying on a rapidly disappearing inheritance (he often went without food so he could afford to send letters to his estranged wife) and eventually he fell ill with cancer.

  15. Also, people talk about his cat, but he got that cat when he was a kid and it was his grandpa who named it iirc.

  16. Exactly, and it wasn't really uncommon either. Hell, one of my friends grandparents had a dog called the N-word.

  17. Stop posting stuff like this you're going to give the haters a stroke

  18. Stop posting stuff like this, it's making me, a PS5 player, jealous that I can't find lobbies without crossplay.

  19. funny story.....we had an incident at our workplace that will forever be known as "The Coke Can"

  20. I think a good concept for a Red Dead title would be to set it in colonial Australia where you play as a bush ranger. Change of scenery, change of wildlife, plenty of real life gangs to take inspiration from, something that hasn't really been done by anyone else, etc.

  21. Read my big comment for more context but this game would have little if anything to do with the van der linde gang. That's why I called it Red Dead 4 instead of Red Dead Redemption 3.

  22. Yeah sorry I misunderstood when I was skimming it at first. I saw you mention it wouldn't be a sequel because that would move away from the gang, and I interpreted that as you saying you didn't want to move ahead in time, but instead go back to when the gang was still around, which you weren't saying at all lol.

  23. Yeah it seems like a lot of stuff was cut from Starcade, which sucks. He didn't talk about some of the best Star Wars games of all time like Kotor, Jedi Knight, Battlefront, Force Unleashed, Lego Star Wars, Republic Commando, Rogue Squadron, etc.

  24. I will die defending these movies for what they are: stupid fucking movies that are immensely entertaining (aside from Final Chapter).

  25. Yes there is absolutely enough ammo to kill every enemy in the game. Even on hard mode.

  26. Pretty sure the only entry where this is an issue is RE0, but I could be mistaken.

  27. Me, a Falck main starved for good skins: "WOOOOOOOOOO, Yeah baby! That's what I've been waiting for, that's what it's all about!"

  28. I'm 26 and I still can barely tell when I'm gonna puke sadly. I had food poisoning I think the other week and I was driving. Hardly had a chance to roll the window down it really sucked. Just lucky I didn't crash or anything.

  29. There was a time I ate something that disagreed with me, not full on food poisoning but I was sick.

  30. Imo Brooklyn 99 really fell off around season 4. It started off great, but as soon as the witness protection arc came around it dropped off hard.

  31. You don’t have a say when you’re a kid and your parents are dragging you along.

  32. Plus stupid fucking social expectations. Like you know if you don't go, you'll be seen as the asshole and treated like an outcast who doesn't care about their family.

  33. Dude I struggled so hard with Moonlight Butterfly on my first playthrough. I used to use shields like a fuckin pleb, and it was the first boss I encountered that kind of bypassed that.

  34. If Rhaenyra swallow her pride and told Luke to apologize for maiming his uncle or at least pretend to show simpathy

  35. I understand they're royals and kids fight and all that bullshit, but if I had a kid that cut out another kids eye, he'd at the very least get the ass-whooping of the century. Like god damn man.

  36. I'm not normally one for celebrity crushes, but man as soon as I saw her in Bates Motel I was crushing on her. Seeing her in interviews has just made me like her more. She's just so...well...likeable.

  37. I'm pretty sure it's not. I play on PS5 so I can't speak for other platforms, but I can turn off cross-play. The only problem then is I can't find any matches due to low player counts.

  38. Imma be honest I had no idea it was out. Don't really hear people talking about these movies anymore.

  39. As much as I want an RE engine remake of RE1 there are two reasons they haven’t done it(yet).

  40. As much as I love RE2make, I still wonder what could have been if they remade RE2 soon after RE1. REmake is possibly my favourite of the series, so I would have loved to see more of it.

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