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  1. Flintlocks are basically one shot then done, so imagine if they add it but as a heavy hand cannon that is one shot then a reload

  2. I'm down voting this shit because it's stolen and a shutting ui put over it

  3. Console version got left behind because of legal issues with the downfall of tall tale

  4. There's rumours that they're gonna do a new console version but you will have to buy it again

  5. Does the new app fix the sound bug that's been around for a year?

  6. Thank God it's been fixed, I remember watching the alien movies and it was so bad in that

  7. well now that's not going to help his problem it's only going to exacerbate it

  8. They really loved smoking back then

  9. I was watching the original twilight zone shows on prime and they left a smoking ad in one of the ends lol

  10. Honestly feel like you could probably just google image that or use model apps

  11. So this letter arrived yesterday so it had been sent before the long weekend. But on the weekend the neighbour came over and said our cat was getting into their yard and picking a fight with theirs. Which is fair enough, I was mortified and apologetic (she’s a rescue trash cat) and immediately removed the cat flap on the back door and replaced the door so she can’t get out, but we had a tradie out leave the garage up and she snuck out. I’m annoyed that they sent this out FIRST without approaching me and giving me any opportunity to rectify before the abusive letter. The problem is our house has casement windows and young kids and I’m forever on their case about shutting windows and not leaving doors open. What do I do? 😫 Im looking at a digital fence. Are they at all successful?

  12. People on here, and most Australian subs, really hate cats

  13. Funny about that, I called the council about a cat having kittens in our yard on the weekend and they said they can't do anything unless it's causing a problem and to call the RSPCA who told us they can't do anything and to call the council so we called around and no pounds or shelters would take them because they're all full

  14. I still can't work out why religion has been able to go as far as it has... It's just so ridiculous to me. There is literally no difference between religious people and flat earthers. They both deny facts like children.

  15. As bad as flat earthers are they haven't killed people because of their beliefs (at least I don't know of any), so basically because of fear it's spread so far. Fear of either what happens after you die or fear of being killed

  16. I do because the fucking flight path has been changed to go over our suburb because people complained about it going over theirs

  17. I’ve seen this so much on here. You do you but I don’t really get it.. doesn’t tick the funny box or clever box IMO

  18. They're a scam/spammer, the stuff on the shirt is Photoshopped on. If you reverse image search it you can see the same picture with different images on it

  19. Did they just play death stranding and just think that's how babies are?

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