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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. The thing you have circled is a dynamic damper on the cv axle.

  2. Ah cheers. That makes sense. Any idea why it’s only on the one side? And have you got any idea whether it’ll need replacing soon as idk how well they wear

  3. Most if not all aftermarket axles don’t have it so don’t worry about it if it falls off or is missing. It dampens vibrations but generally you can’t feel much of an issue without it.

  4. IMO, that’s a terrible winter car. Parts are hard to come by if something breaks, they’re lower to the ground, and it’s a FWD so if you ever get stuck, you may have difficulty getting out.

  5. Are you in the US? That’s an imported car.

  6. I feel like a ton of reviewers are salty about the P6/P6 Pro. The 6a is basically the same base phone. I foresee some of the P6 issues creeping up in it. I imagine reviewers foresee the same thing.

  7. Sad But true..the P6 has been a disaster out the gate! Most of the issues are basic stuff most phones nowadays can do or have working well..i think that's the was supposed to be a flagship..NOT even close

  8. Agree 100%. I felt like I was using a budget Samsung with all the glitches it had.

  9. I would go the 2017 Outback. Subaru was still working out a few kinks with the 2015 Forester.

  10. Likely the radiator cap. Had it happen on my old celica and old NA Subaru.

  11. It’s likely the intake. You’re getting way too much air for the amount of fuel going into the engine.

  12. It's the older PS2 fat that needed the dongle, the Slim and I believe later models of the fat had the IR sensor built in.

  13. The 5xxxx and slim units had the IR sensor built in. Earlier models needed the adapter. Fun fact, really early models needed the DVD player software installed from a PS2 update disc onto a memory card.

  14. I have a 96 convertible and it’s been flawless for me.

  15. Nope. That’s gonna cost a lot to fix properly and I guarantee you it’s a lot worse underneath.

  16. You’ll probably have better luck on eBay.

  17. Relay is bad. Toyota had an issue with AC relays for a few years. Swap it out and you’ll be good to go.

  18. The only thing in existence that hurts more than stepping on a lego is getting hit in the ankle with the side of a scooter.

  19. A trailer hitch hitting your shin is up there

  20. I don’t get why you don’t just turn the car off in a situation like this…

  21. 01 GT is known to burn oil. There’s no lifter bolts in a 1zz (GT) engine. Other than the oil burning which is pretty huge, no real Issues with these. Finding custom body parts can be hard now but that’s a future problem if you ever need them.

  22. Broken lift bolts were/are a common problem with some of these cars. It doesn't wreck the engine and they are reasonably easy to replace by a competent DIY home mechanic. I think Toyota improved the design of the bolts later on.

  23. Lifter bolts didn’t exist in the GT though. The 01 GT issues would mainly be oil burning and issues from oil starvation.

  24. If the rear windows seal and aren’t broken off the rollers, then yes.

  25. Didn’t Amazon try this with their Fire edition Motorola phones back in the day?

  26. Suspension: KYB Struts and Tein springs will Be your most affordable and reliable combo.

  27. Because they work and have been proven to work for over a decade.

  28. thanks for the advice! the Taurus is a lot lower mileage which makes me feel a bit better

  29. A Taurus at 62k miles is likely going to be more problematic than a Corolla at 62k miles. Take it from someone who has a family member with a Corolla at 274k.

  30. Damn I remember buying the micro for $30 at Walmart about 15 years ago. What a cool little console. GLWS!

  31. It’s a radio specific connector. You’ll need a harness.

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