1. Or maybe not. Jokes aside, in 1991 things became so awful that many people would have loved the idea of any different government. Highly doubt that annexion by Japan could have fixed it though...

  2. Idk not everyone would want to be ruled by a different country. A civil war could be possible.

  3. I excluded not only Baltic states, but also ex-soviet Caucasus republics (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia) from the map, because they actively tried to leave USSR even in 80s, with local conflicts and violent riot suppressions.

  4. No, it's Turkmen army vehicles (they also have ATVs and Polaris buggies)

  5. I hope this count as a technical, because T-650 was originally developed as a cargo drone and "as a potential new solution to deliver cost-effective, sustainable rapidresponse capability to military, security and civilian customers", not as a platform for weapons, especially like Brimstone pod

  6. Is Toyota selling this kind of truck currently? Or just we’ll preserved

  7. New 70 series, but I haven't found info about company that installed bulletproof glasses and gunner shields

  8. He's actually Chaos Undivided follower (he's my original character). I'm currently making more artworks about him, but it seems that people here don't want to see them - my post received many downvotes, and someone even sent Reddit Care Resouces bot on me! For real, I feel bad when people are not satisfied with my works, but not to that point!

  9. Jesus christ that barrel, I excepted a 50bmg or 7.62 but that looks at least 20mm.

  10. I haven't found info about caliber, but projectiles for this thing look like small mortar shells (there are several types - with net, net + parachute and training projectiles).

  11. The proportions in this picture always upset me. I mean, look at Sanguinius there! And Horus! Good lord, Horus!? Even by Primarch size standards that looks wrong!

  12. It's not Sanguinius, it's two alpha legionnaires - one of them stood on the shoulders of the other, and then they put on primarch's armor.

  13. What makes this specifically anti UAV and not generally anti air?

  14. I think it's combination of relatively small caliber (at least for anti air weapon) and high rate of fire, so it can be effective against small low flying targets.

  15. That makes sense! Wouldn't want to fire a 30mm at a low trajectory in a possibly populated area.

  16. Yes, probably it was designed for shooting at a low trajectory. Despite most AA projectiles have self-destructors (ZU-23 for example), they can cause harm before reaching the distance of self-destruction (especially at urban areas with multistorey residential buildings). Based on the experience of 2022 war in Ukraine, where drones have enormous role in reconnaissance and combat and fighting takes place in urban areas with high-rise houses, such a system will be useful for protection of airspace from drone attack without posing a risk to civillian population.

  17. Although GAZ M-415 was used by Red Army during WW2, there is no info about these vehicles being used as a mortar platforms. So, it's more like an art installation.

  18. Yes, it's free toy. Soft, fluffy, a bit too nervous and possibly contagious

  19. Granulated corpse starch with sauce made from gretchin blood, yummy!

  20. Squigs are the ultimate life form 👍🏻

  21. Seriously, they can be virtually anything, from optical sensor system to living explosive, there is no task they can't cope with

  22. Op i don't know if someone commissioned this but you should be really proud of the result

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