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  1. Thats a fallacy. The person provides the statement should provide the information

  2. The person providing the statement is willing to provide the link. To someone who’s shown they are worth providing/exchanging information with.

  3. 💀 this is not about being worthy, it is about beingseen as trustable

  4. Well there is another comment with this, so you can :)

  5. But its just so overused by now that isnt funny anymore

  6. It’s a lose lose situation. On one hand you have some who might violate me by sticking a finger in my ass or something and the other is a gay guy

  7. The people native to the USA are also Indian in America. Not like from India Indian. Native American Indian I believe they are also have Asian

  8. Columbus called them indian becuase he thought they were from indonensia, which was cled Indie back then

  9. I have known only one christian and he was a friend

  10. I have to admit. I like Grond, but I like the content of the Grond-War even more.

  11. Because its not constant grond-grond, it now has more variety

  12. Buy a normal blue shirt for 40$ and cut some holes in it, and you have the same thing with a brand

  13. Oh those classic Asian hate joke like make small eyes or when they see a dog they just call my name and say a snack and just ask stupid questions like ,,Do you eat dog or a cat” and more

  14. Enige Beestje waarvoor ik moest quiten uit mijn steel soul

  15. Losing feeling in fingers doesnt look so bad to me.

  16. Soccer uses both feet more than just one foot, so to call it football would imply you guys only use one foot all game.

  17. Your football players spend a quarter of the game crying in agony when they get looked at wrong.

  18. As a european, I have to agree on this, football players are really like that

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