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  1. And this is why ill stick to metal fight if this is the most enjoyable part

  2. Phenomenal scene with the impact frames and the character acting. With Fujimoto working with JJK this is one of his best.

  3. Phi literally randomly appears from one side to the other side of the world like it’s no biggie. I don’t think he would take a ship or plane so I think he would just ride Phoenix or just find some way to. Also Phi just teleported out of nowhere when the meteor landed. Kinda just like how it was for Ryuga.

  4. Yo what de hell, since when did pokemon get this Sakuga overhaul?!!!

  5. It was only this episode in the entire Journeys series tbh.

  6. Just a heads-up and spoiler alert, you probably will only enjoy S1 to S3, right after that they cut down the episode format from 20 mins to 10 mins so most arcs are rushed which has been a huge problem since S4

  7. I disagree with wholeheartedly. S4 and S5 were amazing imo and they utilize a lot of categories well. DB Manga is peak fiction tho. I advice you to read that but still watch the anime. The time format is true but that still didn’t stop me and many others from enjoying the anime. Also I dm you.

  8. Keep watching Burst and I’m glad you enjoyed it! It gets much better.

  9. Tatsumaki lookin a little more different than usual…

  10. This gigachad was the second person to knock out both Lui and Free at the same time. AND HE WASN’T THE MC.

  11. This is fair 100%. But my goodness the amount of “no outcomes” is crazy. I feel like they did no outcomes with Gingka so he could be equal in power but at the same time not lose. The only 2 times he genuinely lost were against Ryuga and Phoenix. Supposedly he lost to Yu because of Libra’s armor. Overall point I’m trying to make though is that this guy Gingka has 0 character development. I’m not targeting the people that are aware of this, just the people that suck up to Gingka and say he’s amazing and Valt is trash. The things nostalgia can do to someone is amazing.

  12. Right, I'm actually impressed that there are still so many people that say Valt is trash.

  13. You have no idea man. There are idiots all over tiktok that would spam “Gingka solos” and “burst is trash” it grinds my gears.

  14. Imagine if this was a movie teaser. That would be awesome.

  15. He’s gonna cook them like that Kombu monster.

  16. If it wasn’t for Amane then Arthur would be in control.

  17. Crazy how out of 1100 episodes there were only 2 god-tier animated episodes.

  18. Awesome job! Glad to see someone actually cares about improving the manga other than me.

  19. Does this mean Phi proved your point when he absorbed Hades’ power in episode 41? Also I think Lain stole Hyperion’s power in episode 30. Does this mean Phi and Lain had the same Dark Power?

  20. No idea but it probably says a lot about how many Burst fans are in this community.

  21. Ranjiro in Sparking is good. I’m the Ultimate Tag Series he was on par with the Legends. People underestimate the Kiyama’s.


  23. Olm animates pokémon, there's something more mainstream than that?

  24. OLM also animated Beyblade Burst but that ended on March 2022 so it’s a possibility they could pick up OPM season 3.

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