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  1. This is honestly annoying. It sucks to loose but at least old through it (unless it's a heavily one sided battle, then I understand). Although I don't play pvp for the leader but just because I enjoy it (somehow)

  2. We aren't too happy with him but we don't hate him either. Calm down guys.

  3. Just because many survived doesn't mean they all kept their ways. Some of them may have tried to just leave that life behind and tried to live a normal life like obi-wan tried to do. Others may have also died before ROTJ.

  4. You already started the first step; recognizing that you need change. I unfortunately also need some help so I can't aid you however there are others here that can provide the aid you need. One thing I can say for sure is that you most likely shouldn't try to drop porn right off the bat. It's like immediately taking away alcohol from an alcoholic, they'll experience heavy withdrawal symptoms and will easily fall back into alcohol. The journey may seem hard but it's McIntyre just the beginning stages. With enough determination and motivation you can become clean.

  5. I've had much more success catching a fish when I threw it in the blue area than the green.

  6. Rank S unlocks everything needed for pvp (mentors and ability to unlock all sub-abilities.) However there are exp multipliers that are based on your rank. At max-1 you unlock the highest exp multiplier making leveling up anything a breeze (especially during 2x exp weekend and group bonus.) After that the only reason to rank up higher is for spins, flexing how you don't have a life (only applies to max-20 and up?), and trying to catch up with the true no life people on the rank leader board on the menu (impossible.)

  7. You should remove the bishops tho. They would never agree to this

  8. They're progressive bishops. The only difference is that they don't care about your sexuality

  9. Instead of a parasitic relationship with the crab and fungus it's a symbiotic one with a crab and coral. Seems like an excellent idea.

  10. I think it's alright. It's added global queue which is something I always wanted. Something I would change is increasing the time on autododges. It's kind of odd that sometimes you can't combo all the way to the perfect block because the cooldown on auto-dodges is kind of longer cooldown it forces you to use your auto-dodges more wisely instead of spamming it. There is also some odd bug that let's people mode up 30s into the match leaving the other person defenseless for the most part. Fix this that's one big problem gone. Maps also seem to he much bigger and that encourages more running which sucks. Bring back the old invisible walls and fix the bug where you could senko kunai past it and that's another issue fixed.

  11. How else am I going to create a braindead combo with all grabs not in a gcd

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