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  1. I stumbled in on accident. I was working in raw material sales (selling to manufacturers). I got called by a recruiter for a SDR role at a company that did like $50M a year. It was in an industry (corporate wellness) that was previously more of clinical services (live and telephonic) that transitioned to SaaS over a span of like 10 years.

  2. Hi I saw you post about ADP major. By chance did you take the role? Can we talk?

  3. Thank you for your comments. I agree too. I dont have ops background. I’m more like a salesperson who want to be in the blood of the company to generate revenue not being asked to do work by someone. I think sales ops seems like a role where you have to take command from someone especially sales department, which is never good. This gives me a second thought about the role. Ceo and co-founder seem flexible but they told me they are sales oriented people and the focus next 3-6 months is about sales and yet they have no tech stack and sop in place. This seems bad to me. Thanks lot for your insights

  4. I had just under 2 years of sales experience at the SaaS company I currently work at before moving into an Ops role. It's been a year since I moved over to Ops and I'm never going back. Here's how I usually say it compares to Sales: less stress, but there's still pressure.

  5. As someone two days into a mid-market AE role at ADP, I am curious too.

  6. I think it's kinda risky at this point of time as we dont really know about the macro environment just yet.

  7. The launch timing was not good, November the bear market has already started. We got 4k holders in 7 months despite very little marketing, RGI was established, some rebrand development, and we've held on despite 2 big crashes. That's something to be proud of.

  8. Totally agree with you. It's all about perspectives. OP's perspectives are more like neglecting the current macro situation. Fear is nowhere over for investment in general like stocks, real estate or crypto. This whole situation does dictate the investment approach of people $RBIF. I feel safe here as the dev is still engaging and building

  9. sure, but why would you go for a scam-token that is only hyped on social media but does not solve any problem?

  10. simple... "INU" is by now known as a synonym for "pump&dump" and no serious developer would name their project like this.

  11. Bro. When 90% of your investment is up in smoke…… you don’t pull out…..

  12. no doubt man...we all need to have no attachment to any tokens. The thing I see with my wolfpack is they think "Russ is GOD"

  13. I think we should start a 30-day challenge of engaging ourselves. What do you all think?

  14. Nothing to worry about. This is not the first time whales do this to us

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