1. has anyone got a link to the high quality versions of the shoot? asking for art purposes👀

  2. beautiful work! do u have an instagram/art station/twitter where i can like it?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks the Tattoo shouldn’t be blue, but rather the design from tla live action

  4. One of the crew members comfirmed that its a big blue arrow, but you can see details on it if u look close enough

  5. i think avatarnews said that they will be reshooting scenes from the first few weeks/days of shooting, since the actors have bonded more by now

  6. i think it is bc kiawentiio wears makeup in most of her pics and it just makes her look older

  7. i think me might get a logo or maybe a poster, but i dint think we will be getting video footage

  8. dolls kill has size XXS and sells jeans and lots of other stuff.

  9. maybe open a support ticket. especially because you had skins and those value real money

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