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  1. “Built on an ancient Apollo worship ground”? Please share source and further reading

  2. This is what I have been reading, one of the best books I've ever read and it has guided me to further research.

  3. Oh what. This sounds like a comprehensive and appropriate option. Awesome. Thank you

  4. Check out the YouTube channels Esoterica and Angela's Symposium. Check out the webcast lectures hosted by the Viktor Wynd Museum/Last Tuesday Society. The Wynd lectures cost a small fee--but often very worth it. These are sources that provide mature, academic information for scholars, autodidacts, and practitioners.

  5. I fully agree with your point of view and there would never be any shame or hesitance from my side - I do however have rent to pay and after seeing a colleague get fired over her purple hair, I've sadly become more cautious in what I wear and how I act.

  6. REALLY?!? You’ve seen employment documentation that says no occult symbolism?? That’s fucking CRAZY. ALL RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM IS OCCULT IN NATURE! So, if that person at the company can wear a cross, you’re MORE than entitled to wear something indicating your religion and/or beliefs.

  7. After the stunning job the Roman Catholic Church did to stigmatize occultism through the years it doesn’t strike me as crazy at all. I agree though, it’s comically fucking ironic, that humble followers of various occult beliefs are still wearing the victim shame of our ancestors who suffered the atrociously barbaric acts of the herd’s cult of Christ.

  8. However any rank beginner who does pick up the VGW, please report back with your unfiltered initial reactions lol

  9. I found this difficult to read due to the lack of paragraph breaks. Here it is with paragraph breaks in places that made sense to me:

  10. 😂 are you ok? I’m not at all bothered by the responses, just surprised at how easily offended many of you seem from a pretty chill question.

  11. Is your name Panasonic PT-VMZ60 Series coz I think you’re projecting fella

  12. Are you dumb? A doctor who has no idea how to heal or cure is useless.

  13. That’s an interesting way of treating people. I hope you get to hug somebody today

  14. The Roman Catholic Church had a firm and narrow agenda of suffocating the female principle of divinity and perverted the scriptures in whatever way that would allow them more power whilst misleading the masses from truth.

  15. The obelisk is but one number in the equation, observe the masonry surrounding a significant obelisk to gather the rest, then attempt deduction.

  16. I love these riddles, despite how bad I am at solving them. Are you referring to one of the 'big 3' (DC, London, Vat)?

  17. Extreme is the right word it is ideological fashion

  18. Succinct and forward summary, stranger. I love succinct and forward summaries.

  19. Really, you think that's the worst thing a man can to to a woman? This is an ignorant take and disrespectful to women, 80% of the time two people are involved and they both bear equal responsibility. And otherwise it's rape which is obviously worse.

  20. “I can’t understand why any man would look at a woman he loves and think how much he would love to see her screaming and writhing in pain, bleeding everywhere . . . My friend just gave birth last night. her husband didn’t want to be in the room”

  21. To answer the previous poster’s question, most masons today are about wearing funny outfits and drinking beer with each other. Nothing wrong with that but “Masons” don’t own the rights to the Ancient Mysteries and the art of Enlightenment.

  22. Can the authentic Masonic education be found in Australia nowadays? I sought this in WA lodges and was disillusioned by the results. I have just relocated to the NT and long to meet other seekers.

  23. It’s All out there. Read The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Read the Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians. Read the The Kybalion by WW Atkinson.

  24. Judging by your post history, what you’re looking for isn’t found in Masonry and never really was. Someone mentioned a “change” in what we do a century ago, but that just coincides with the time that the people who founded things like Golden Dawn and OTO looked for esotericism in Masonry, didn’t find it, and went on to found those other occult/esoteric systems instead. Esotericists look at them and say “see, Masonry used to be like this;” Masons look at them and say “they left Masonry because it wasn’t what they wanted it to be.” It was never there to the extent you want it to be. What we have is terrific, and you can look at it through an esoteric lens and find some parallels to what you’re looking for, but that never was the underlying basis for Freemasonry, as many a disappointed occultist in history could tell you. Every time someone points to to a famous occultist who was a Mason, you need to remember that 1) they were probably disappointed with the level of esotericism they found when they joined and continued their studies independently or elsewhere, 2) anything they wrote on the topic was viewed through their personal lens and is not consistent with the overall philosophy of Masonry, 3) like high-ranking politicians, wealthy businessmen, and celebrity members, although they stand out in history, they form the overwhelming minority of Freemasons and always have; Freemasonry didn’t lead to their achievements, though our underlying principles may have contributed to their success.

  25. According to investigations by Chief Executive of NASA’s Heavenly Bowl Brigade “It was born, ate hot chip and lie down”

  26. *Roman Catholic church, the romans corrupted it and added all their fav pagan gods and holidays, deleting hundreds of books from the canon ...somewhere around 300 ad

  27. Pretty much. The Cult of Christ tactically assimilated pagan and other traditions and myths into their canon around 1st millennium CE, including the themes of physical resurrection and virgin birth, despite there being no mention of these themes in non-canonical Gospels which were written hundreds of years earlier by people with actual exposure to Jesus’ teachings and practices.

  28. Interesting, where to read about this?

  29. Get a copy of “The Dark History Of The Occult” by P. Roland. The Author is tellingly opinionated in certain areas, but you’ll discern. Chapters 2-3 include outlines of such matters and their siblings, as simple and direct as they are sweeping. Take what you like, leave the rest, but always question.

  30. It sounds like you are picking up on the reality of hell progressively unfolding itself on earth, and are questioning your sanity due to massive gaslighting in the form of the people/culture/society that surround you, which collectively amount to a matrix of narcissistic abuse, which has been specifically designed to target perceptive individuals such as yourself.

  31. I dunno man Jesus sounds like a good guy who shared some bars with humanity, but that biblical God on the other hand seems like quite the opposite, ya know, tyrannical, demanding of worship and prone to opening the task manager on earthOS and just exiting the Human Race program when we start to tap into our dormant power a lil too much for his comfort. “I wanted caterpillars, not butterflies! looks over to a Hermione-Granger-necklace-looking floating fifty-winged, 7 headed homie with 40 eyes. “Fuck it Anthony let’s try again” runs deluge.exe

  32. How have you suffered personally? Being so wise to see through such a facade... one would think you are on the other side of having been trafficked, disabled or some other tragedy.

  33. Wow. That has, hands down, gotta be bait. Your comment reminded me of the point Alan Watts made about the difference between a “wise man” and a “wise guy”.

  34. 26/M/interests: main passion is learning, esoterica, psychology, philosophy, self improvement, ancient/alt history, art, technical production and sound engineering, recording music, metaphysics, science, TCG, cinema, community service, mature authentic connections, casual tabletops games, nature, kabbalistic/hermetic/theosophical study

  35. Mad Snake Café on a few nights and weekends does table top gaming if you're into that.

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