1. Why do you think women are less represented in higher elos? Sexism does play its part. In male dominated industries women must work much harder to get the same recognition to the point where many women aren't going to bother trying. It's oppression. It IS sexism. You have to look at the bigger picture, not just "oh well there's just not enough girls who are good enough compared to men". Ask yourself why there's not enough women. Hint, it's not biological.

  2. Bro youre playing an online videogame anonymously behind your monitor, no one will even know if you are a woman or man.

  3. "Bro", your example is a team that disbanded after a month of playing together almost 10 years ago. It wasn't even an established org who signed them. Using them as an example makes no sense to further your point. People need to move on from team siren. There are women in pro scenes for other games and they ALL speak on the sexism they experience. Look those up if you have a desire to actually understand our point of view. Based on your comment it does not seem like you genuinely want to become educated on this topic.

  4. That's cute. I'd like to be able to play Zeri sometime...

  5. Same.. Kalista as well but hey, gotta let the pros have their exclusives I suppose

  6. At least pros still play Kalista. Zeri is just not even a champion anymore.

  7. I wouldnt know, havnt watched pro play in years if I am being honest

  8. Idk people seem to like to meme on NEACE but he is probably one of the most effective and realistic coaches. Yeah he will hyper focus on camera and stuff but as he put it in a video "if I cant trust you to control your camera how am I gonna trust you with winning the game".

  9. I saw this and tried, did nothing for me. Could just be helping people who are using really really cheap garbage SD cards but probably no one else.

  10. Its only digital purchases, im in EU and i got myself a refund, but you gotta really explain well why, cause has it right now the refunds its not its same level has cyberpunk that the company gave an apology and accepted the failure and too the refunds seriously, so they doing the refunds like a normal refund, its like they are not aware of the problems the game have and since gamefreak is partner with nintendo most likely they shadowing the situation so that they dont lose money, but its really disrespectful from them to not even give an apology for how the game came out.

  11. I am in the EU and it was a digital copy. The explanation I gave was basically that the game was not up to an acceptable quality standard and is riddled with visual and gameplay issues making the game unenjoyable to play.

  12. Apparently it’s only Nintendo America that started doing it and I think it’s digital only purchases

  13. Apparently yeah, was just in touch with nintendo europe and no luck hopefully that changes within the next few days. I love that their argument was literally "make sure to check the information and screenshots on the eshop before purchasing" as if those are not horribly missleading and fail to show how broken the game is

  14. Good foundations for a game executed horribly. Probably gonna attempt to get a refund because I feel cheated having paid 60$ for a clearly unfinished game no matter how solid the concept is

  15. Never said the performance was acceptable. Not making excuses at all. Just pointing out that the presentation here is disingenuous. That’s all

  16. But is it wrong though? Pretty much what playing the games back to back feels like

  17. Interesting comparison, I haven’t seen it before. Did you just come up with it?

  18. It is almost as if its a really relevant comparison showing just how lacking in quality this game is compared to something that was out at the systems release

  19. I really do hope this makes Gamefreak realize their errors and work on it... And maybe, hopefully but very unlikely, do their best to fix everything in the game right now.

  20. Nah it will be done and forgotten. The game will have sold massively well and the fanboys will defend the game saying its perfect and then we repeat this same thing the next time

  21. Which is a kids game, no matter how you try to spin it lol.

  22. Okay? So you think a product targeted at a younger demographic has a free pass to be of lesser quality?

  23. Youre the one who cant come up with anything but excuses and "I like it therefore it is perfect"

  24. lmao you scared me for a bit, but yea. I love pokemon, but what the hell is this shit, did they even play test it? it's a fun game but it's loaded with bugs and performance issues 🫠

  25. Thats the sad part that makes me the most dissapointed. If it was just some low budget shovelware game I could laugh at all of this but I have been a pokemon fan my entire life and this is literally the game 9 year old me dreamed about while playing stuff like pokemon crystal and ruby. And the gameplay itself shows there is so much potential here but it is all so overshadowed by an obviously rushed development and unfinished results.

  26. yea I completely agree, one of my first pokemon games was let's go eevee and I loved how beautiful that game looked so I started playing the older games while waiting for sword and shield... and then it looked like crap. fun but not as good as let's go. then arceus came out and it was the same. so as soon as they announced Gen 9 I knew it would be rushed and I hoped it would be delayed so it wouldn't be underbaked like the other switch pokemon games. but here we are 🥲. there are plenty of switch games that look and perform so much better than the recent pokemon games so it's hard to understand why such a big company like pokemon doesn't put that same love into their games. it's sad that let's go and new pokemon snap make the main games look like garbage when it should be the other way around

  27. And in the end fanboys will defend this game to the end of the world trying to silence anyone who says anything negative about the game and throwing money at every half baked game we get so we will probably never get a great quality game. Series has been on a downwards trend ever since they moved to the 3ds and the switch games are the worst ones hands down.

  28. Its such a split experience. The core gameplay foundation is really really good and a lot of the new pokemon and the trainer designs are pretty good. On the other hand its probably the worst AAA game I have ever seen quality wise.

  29. Yeah who DARES compare two switch exclusive open world games developed by nintendo or a company in very close relation to nintendo using a massive IP with huge resources /s. Seriously though it is a fair comparison to make on the visuals side and performance side and people who say otherwise are huffing copium

  30. I had heard people in the discussion thread complaining about motion sickness and headaches and it had me really worried. I have chronic migraines and get motion sick super easily normally, but luckily this game hasn’t made me feel ill at all. I’m about 17 hours into the game for reference. I’m really sorry it’s making you feel ill :(

  31. This is the first game that makes me feel like this, at least to this degree. I can handle it somewhat fine but if I try to move around quickly especially when using the ride pokemon it feels like my head is gonna explode within 10-15 minutes.

  32. I have to play docked because of my chronic migraine (keeping my neck in f’d up positions and squinting to see things is a solid no). The important thing is I have to take breaks regardless of the game. I get vertigo pretty easily and have to take pretty frequent breaks when playing any 3-D game to not get the spins. I use these as opportunities to refill drinks, go to the bathroom, get some steps and stretches, and do daily house work. Long gone are my days of marathon game playing.

  33. My migraines are not as bad, they show up every now and again but usually I am able to marathon games perfectly fine. Just this one especially kills me especially when trying to move around quickly boosting around on my ride pokemon with the scenery flickering by.

  34. both games have the same amount of paradox pokemon but I agree the ancient ones look better design-wise than the future ones, unless you're big into robots or something. I do like paradox gallade though, that's a cool little mech. and paradox hariyama is pretty cool too - when it falls asleep all the yellow lights on it go off and that was neat.

  35. I personally prefer the violet mons design wise but damn they are outclassed competetively

  36. I'm convinced people don't remember what PS2 games looked like

  37. Me and some friends were actually comparing this game to shadow of the colossus for the ps2 earlier. Yeah that game performed AWFULLY as well but it was pushing the ps2 to the limit. Yeah that game had super barren terrain but it ran on the fucking ps2

  38. Almost like that’s what got the most hate over the last decade for “low effort” Pokémon models. Now it’s been addressed and people are flipping shit over something else.

  39. Almost everything about modern pokemon is low effort especially the switch games. I dont think expecting some quality from one of the biggest media franchises in the world published by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. They have all the resources in the world at their disposal but they know they dont have to use them because people like you will blindly defend them no matter how rushed and half baked their products are.

  40. lmfao if you lack the perspective to consider how they might coincide — then that explains it all. i touch grass daily with my dog on our walks, probably why i’m still able to appreciate + enjoy this totally playable new game i paid for (:

  41. Bet you also appreciate when you go to the restaurant and your food comes out undercooked and raw. I dont even know why I am engaging with obvious trolls.

  42. i don’t go out to eat often, i cook my own food to satisfy my own tastes for this exact reason. anything i can’t do myself, i try to be understanding + appreciative of the fact that i can even experience it at all in this life. sure things can always be better, but if i’m not actively involving myself in making them such — who am i to be so expecting of others? especially when i’m choosing to rely on them to meet expectations i know i cannot myself? this is exactly why i brought up the world scale.

  43. If I am paying someone to do something I expect them to so it competently.

  44. I feel like your not crazy there seems to be so many people who still defend game freak and the recent games tooth and nail. I don't know why fully but my hunch is these are younger players who feel like they need to defend the thing they love and they don't have the same scope of reference somone who followed the series from the begining had.

  45. Exactly! I have been playing every single generation since I was a kid playing red and blue for the first time and I love the series a lot which is why I so desperately want it to get the care it deserves not rushed releases for a quick buck. IMO it all started trending downwards somewhere around the 3ds era and the series was probably at its absolute peak around gen 4

  46. It's a sad state of affairs because unlike what all the defenders will spout back to us about just hating the game to hate it and defending the flaws and set backs it does have I just want pokemon to be great again, to be able to buy it and play it and not think was this worth the money or is this a step up from the last one. I deffinitly feel the gaslit thing you mentioned in your original post because it sucks to be made out like your trolling when you've been a fan since literally the very begining.

  47. Literally every complaint I have about the game and how its being handled comes from a place of knowing how amazing these games have the potential to be if they were given the same care as say mario or zelda games. I can still get enjoyment out of the games but it always comes with a boatload of ifs and buts. And the worst part is knowing how massive the series is and how much money it makes they have literally all the resources to make it as good as they deem necessery

  48. Världen består inte bara av västvärlden. Det heter Världskuppen. Inte europa-USA kuppen. Alla länder i världen har rätt att hosta eventet.

  49. Okey så du tycker alltså att fotbolls VM är viktigare än mänskliga rättigheter, pressfrihet och en demokrati som inte är en religiös diktatur? schysta prioriteringar

  50. Nej. Och dom har inget med varandra att göra. Qatar blir inte en demokrati med eller utan VM. Det gör inte att Qatar inte har rätt att hålla evenemanget. Precis som Kina fick hålla OS.

  51. Okey och din poäng är? Kina ska inte hålla OS heller för dom är ännu värre än Qatar. Det handlar inte om att dom ska plötsligt bli en demokrati på grund av det. Det handlar om att sätta ner foten och säga att skiten inte är ok.

  52. Låt mig gissa, dom du hittar är antingen på dating appar eller krogen?

  53. Pokemon blue and red released in 1996 and I played them as a kid back then. You might wanna read that again cause I think you misunderstood what was actually being said.

  54. I’ve been playing since R/B/Y myself. Sure sounded like you’re implying every single game dating back to the first ones are “mistreated”.

  55. Nope I am saying my favorite game series for the past 25 years is being handled horribly. 25 years is the amount of time I have played the series not for how long I think they have handled it like shit. IMO it all started going downhill from gen 6 and onwards. everything up until the 3DS era was pretty good with gen 3-5 probably being the golden age and the absolute peak of the series probably being gen 4.

  56. A lot of this stuff probably cant be fixed with patches super easily. Absolutely embarassing release and the last pokemon game I buy until the pokemon company and GameFreak proves they can make a quality game.

  57. I mean yeah a large part of the blame falls on the pokemon company for rushing most of their games to time them with TCG, Anime and merch releases. That doesnt change the fact that GameFreak are awful developers and have always been, why they are still in charge of developing these games is beyond me.

  58. GameFreak has been around since 1989 and has made great games and shit games, and are not the same developers since the beginning. They have come and gone, meaning good and bad developers have joined and left the company. There is no fact that GameFreak are awful devs, they have some misses and they have some successes, but company teams are consistently changing meaning at some point they hit their marks and at some points they don't.

  59. Well at least during the time they have been working on the pokemon series since 1996 or whenever they have been pretty ass. I am not talking about how good the games have been, they are just bad at programming games on a technical level. There are some pretty good videos out there deep diving into how the pokemon games are programmed and work and it is honestly pretty baffeling

  60. Pretty sure there are boosted or broken shiny odds considering most people seem to be finding one within only hours of playing.

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