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  1. I live out of state now, but my parents and sister still live in Newark and I go every few months..I lived in North Newark right off Bloomfield Avenue growing up..then we moved down to West Market Street near Downtown…I lived in Newark until I was 39 years old..I move out 4 years ago..Newark is a rough city but it’s home and I have a lot of love for the city

  2. ive been around there b4 yk where the arcade is at? would love to play it

  3. Not many arcades left..they do have a Barcade in Downtown Newark..it’s a Bar where you get drinks and food but they also have many classic Arcade Cabinets…it’s a good time!

  4. Jumping fierce punch, crouching m punch, back m punch, f punch, v-skill, f Shoryu, v-trigger cancel after the 2nd hit of the shoryu, light tatsu, f shoryu, CA.

  5. Feels good tho, doesn't it? Pulling this off.

  6. It’s real a lot of mine are from China 👍 they sell it for cheaper price compared to US but it’s the same figure n everything. It’s just that the company who makes these are China based

  7. Oh ok thanks! I might pick up the saul one and maybe the face off or felinia ep walt

  8. Just make sure to check the reliability of sellers on eBay and u should be good if not u can find US sellers too. Hope u can get one!

  9. Finally a cute guy wants a cute dmc hairstyle, guys pls do dmc hair cuts, we love em

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