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  • By - 88T3

  1. Which word are you correcting to "they"?

  2. You’re joking right, I’m referring to the person who said on record they are they/them

  3. SP? Bruh build planes and 14-4s lmao, ain’t no way mf still struggled against the ai

  4. Ah yes going against the German AI on the hardest difficulty as the Netherlands by myself means I can’t struggle, what a concept. If only I thought to make 14-4s and CAS in the two years I had to get ready, that would’ve stopped them

  5. rush unite the benelux, get radios, stack entrenchment and shit out 10-0s with shovels and AA before commencing steps outlined above, still not hard

  6. Why would someone call him a nazi? And what's the difference between selling or donating it?

  7. He’s letting censored people speak again, so that makes him a Nazi somehow

  8. Apparently the killer came out AFTER they where caught. It’s blatantly obvious it’s a ploy to try and get out of the charges.

  9. Same thing with football. Who tf came up with the name "soccer" ? What does that mean?

  10. As a formerly fat person it did help. Would’ve had many heart problems if I stayed like that

  11. Wait ? US states have fully independant diplomacy, army, and a different language for each of them ? I never knew

  12. Technically yes to all of that. States have different laws, national guards, and different ways of speaking and slang

  13. Sure but we all know that you intended to only post that part because Reddit doesn’t comment partially written comments (yet).

  14. Everyone was so excited for article five, what happened? Do they not want war against the people who attacked them now?

  15. Wasn’t it the Germans fire bombing Britain? Or does that not count because of the much worse things that they did so we will forget it?

  16. Ah bringing Germany into a conversation where I stated that the other person was wrong and provided an example of a war crime that happened between America and Japan

  17. Are you ok mentally? When did I blame everything on America? You really shouldn’t reply if you have no clue what’s going on

  18. Russia has the most to lose by attacking a NATO ally, so it's really interesting that nobody is even entertaining the idea of a false flag.

  19. Or that Russia has little GPS guidance systems up and running so they dumbfire a lot of the time and have to hope they hit it

  20. Russia has to dumbfire missiles as GPS systems are mostly controlled by America and France who don’t want them to use it. I have no idea why Russia is firing them so deep into Ukraine but the idea that they meant to hit Poland is ridiculous

  21. And you taxes go to blowing people up on the other side of the world instead of this. We don't have to raise taxes to accomplish this, just to readjust our priorities. Furthermore, until Reagan set the example of ruining it, state colleges used to pay 80~90% of expenses for their students, which is why higher education was so much cheaper for students until then.

  22. I don’t want to be taxed more and your solution is taxing me anyways or completely shift the budget and make America lose its military superiority over its enemies. You would make a great politician

  23. Maybe 1% of pregnancies are ectopic, whereas 100% of abortions result in death. Politics aside this meme is just wrong

  24. Just saying... in the US we had a reporter throw a fucking shoe at a president and he lost neither his ability to carry shoes nor his press pass.

  25. I’m aware, I live in America. I’m making fun of British people for not being allowed to do anything

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