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  1. I have the complete opposite of your issue. Mine is very very tiny and I'm often asked if i even have one. It still works the same though. It's more sensitive and it does "grow" but not by too much. Some of the men (and woman) i sleep with will actually just skip foreplay because it's a "chore" to "get me ready".

  2. NTA. my mom is EXACTLY like this. Which is why I've been NC for 9 years. I'm so sorry she did that to you. You should have said,

  3. It's a tortilla like piece of bread with ground beef usually greens of some type, and other stuff the bakery/resturant wants to put in. For example my local bakery adds garlic but the restaurants in armenia don't. You should just Google it. Also it's called armenian pizza but if you eat it like a pizza you are going to hell.

  4. I personally (whether it's true or not) see it has a sexual power move since sex is taboo in most of America. Especially during the 80s. People just never did that and it was seen as "unsightly" and inappropriate. "But what about the children???" The only thing children know about their "stuff" is that they have one and they pee out of it.

  5. Well, when the children came near him they learned another use for it

  6. just find a guy like me that has a vasectomy... i call it creampie safe

  7. I had a boss that liked to do this to people once. I was called into her office to discuss why I missed a shift and I told her "I look at the schedule when it is posted and plan my life accordingly. After posting the schedule of you would like to change any of my shifts you'll need to contact me to verify it will works for me. I will not be checking the schedule more than once." Through that summer I would recieve occasional calls from her asking if I would be able to work a different day than originally scheduled. The first few times I was happy to do it and there was one time when it was going to interfere with plans I made. She was very unimpressed when I told her no. She said "what's the point of me calling you if you're going to say no." I told her "so that you can find somebody else and not be short staffed." We had a tenuous relationship for the rest of the summer (seasonal job) but she never pulled any of that stuff on me again. She definitely pushed it on all of my coworkers though.

  8. I sadly need the job and he knows that. I'm unable to work a second job because I take care of family. He usually asks but he didn't this time.

  9. Practice saying no. No is a complete answer. That person is not your friend.

  10. I've said no the past few times. I'm starting to think he did that so i couldn't say anything but yes. There's other people that work there besides me.

  11. Alternatively you could take on a side gig operating a jackhammer and get paid to get off πŸ˜œπŸ’¦

  12. That sounds painful πŸ˜… i think I'll just go slow and low like people are suggesting lol

  13. In a lot of countries companies have to have something called wage insurance. This way employees still get paid their salary for a period (I believe 6 months is common) after they have been let go. In the US it’s unemployment, which is paid by the government with taxpayer money rather than the company, although companies contribute as well as individual taxpayers.

  14. That was so depressing to read ;-; what's worse is that they don't have to give you a reason why they're firing you if it's within the first 3 months of employment. Mostly because "benefits" don't start until AFTER your three months so most places (to avoid paying those benefits) will just fire you and get a new person in. Rinse and repeat.

  15. Yup, I have a few friends that have had that happen. Especially when you go through a long/rigorous interview process, it’s such a disappointment when what you want (and express in the interview process) is a long term position.

  16. I had a job i was VERY passionate about and after working hard and making the best food they've had in months i was offered a very good position. After a MONTH and a HALF of interviews, appointments, doctor visits (they refused to pay me for that btw) during the RONA i was told "we found someone better for the position and your current position." I was livid. Then 2 weeks later they emailed me to "apologize " and reoffer the position AFTER I GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS A G A I N.

  17. I don’t know man, they can look good oc, but after 6 months being forces to were them I am out

  18. I used to have to do that so i get it. I was also raised in a military household but I just love the boots lol they're very functional too

  19. Yeah true, they got in handy during my time at the armie too, but as i said before, i like my freedom and comfiness , so snickers it is

  20. A lot better 😊 i also filled three cone joints i plan on taking with me tonight for a little midnight "stroll" down town

  21. The scream is horrible in this video however the sound that the brick made when it hit this poor woman's head was the worst part for me. the scream just made it worse. RIP ;-;

  22. Of course! It's a different feeling and it leads to great sex if he happens to walk in on me.

  23. S'mores. I absolutely hate them. They're so messy and i can't stand the taste of chocolate.

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