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  1. lost me at `new UserService()`. WTB dependency injection. See

  2. What the video explains can't be done at the driver level. It needs to be implemented by the game (the driver can implement functionality to make this easier for the developers).

  3. Yes! The feeling of hands getting really big is exactly that same feeling

  4. either the fmt inserts semicolons for me or remove semicolon from the lang. i don't want to type it.

  5. I think they should speed up CL a tad bit, but being credit limited is a Good Thing™. Marvel Snap is protecting us from our own worst tendencies to over play the game and burn out.

  6. Whitetiger was played turn 5. This is turn 6. You can see I haven't used any mana.

  7. Just write a regex that matches valid regex strings

  8. Yep. However I can catch myself more often now when I noticed a disassociation to begin. I can stop it by standing up and taking a walk.

  9. Good? WASI isn't WebAssembly. WASI is built on top of WebAssembly and had AssemblyScript supported it directly, it would lose the critical security isolation feature that WebAssembly offers.

  10. That first code sample seems to be confused. export default subtract = (a, b) => a - b; is invalid syntax.

  11. toqy says:

    probably just a typo

  12. I assume the later or else the blogpost doesn't make sense

  13. Sure, but there are far worst timelines than the one we got.

  14. But can we use it outside of this terrastruct product?

  15. Yes, I realized the rough feeling I get sometimes in dreams can be replicated with the texture of my bedding.

  16. What makes it stand out is that I added premade components and templates that you can add into a Readme by just clicking on a button.

  17. 100%. Last time I felt as if I was able to observe my own thoughts independent of myself.

  18. I'm struggling to see why anyone would use the joycons away from the switch. They're ok controllers but they're definitely not the best

  19. They are by far the best tetris controller by having separate direction instead of a d-pad or analog stick.

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