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  1. This doesn't even make sense in this context. One could infer you are saying OP is trash since they stopped offering help.

  2. JFC YTA for allowing your employee to be bandied about with the child like they are a diaper bag or some accessory. Housekeeper was hired to do one job... clean YOUR house. Not go to the inlaws, not watch your kid, not clean other people's house in the company of your child. Shitty you are treating a valuable employee this way!!

  3. Ah, I only read the post, I didn't look further, haha. Mb. ^

  4. 45 year old responding with "vibe." Not active for a year, and all of the sudden just posting and commenting on things like heirloom rings. User name for a 45 year old calling themself KINGJTHEGOD in caps. Not unheard of, but fairly odd.

  5. I've got lots of older coworkers that use this kind of slang. Maybe it's less common in the USA? I am from Romania, so there must be some differences in behaviour :-?

  6. I am not saying that they don't... I am saying coupling all this info together makes it less likely this is a legitimate post.

  7. That would be the end of our relationship and the start of a criminal investigation. Seriously, god knows what he’ll do next if you let him get away with this.

  8. Usually everyone on Reddit is so triggered on reactions... but I would honestly leave a man over sharing shots of my private bits with anyone. There is no way I could ever be around that person and family again.

  9. If there is a college nearby that has a dental program or dental assistant program sometimes they can help for free or at a serious discount.

  10. Breast feeding doesn’t automatically equal “saggy” boobs. Plus lots of men like that look. Just saying. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But that totally sucks losing sensitivity.

  11. And I wrote the word "possibility." Also, a quick Google search confirms that they found "systematic directional preferences for firm breast."

  12. Lol guess the tons of men on Reddit who love saggy and natural tits weren’t included in that “study”.

  13. He has mid-6 figures in trust from his mother. His grandparents are in their 90s, worth 7 figures easily, and he's their sole beneficiary. They're old enough at this point that it's not really a taboo for them or anyone else to say that he'll be inheriting x amount of money from them at some point relatively soon.

  14. How is it you know what his maternal grandparents have noted in their will? Many a rich old person has left their estate to the church, their Alma mater, a secret child, a favorite cause, the church...

  15. So, let's also decide what OP's spouse's parents might leave to make absolutely certain OP's kids gets their due. Let's also take into account any uncles, aunts, additional relatives that might provide money.

  16. I think you should call your son whatever he requests you to call him. At 8 he can tell you what he prefers...and if that changes you should be willing to follow suit

  17. Prime rib is a large hunk of meat, like a roast. You can get several thick steaks sliced from each one. I’d have to hear how many oz/person OP cooked to know if he was under feeding the guests but something more kid friendly would have probably helped.

  18. There is no big "prime rib" being grilled in 12 minutes. Ever. I would venture to guess this was either an extremely small prime or more likely a rib eye which is small and fatty. 4 rib eyes were never in a million years going to feed that amount of people. OP should thank them for helping provide food at their party.

  19. This is what my impression is as well. Not only did OP choose a rather adult menu for a child’s party, they underestimated the amount of food they needed. OP didn’t even have the 4th steak on offer and needed to cook it as backup. Admittedly my family has some old fashioned ideas about hosting, but the spread is always MORE than you need. I can understand why OP is upset bc I would also be mortified if my guests needed to leave to get more food, but imo OP didn’t serve enough so it’s their own fault.

  20. It's better to seve hotdogs and chicken tenders in abundance than try to impress someone with prime, and not have nearly enough, or the ability to cook it all at once. Prime and Caesars salads at a 2 year olds birthday is such a ridiculous flex. OP should only be upset at themselves because they clearly did not plan accordingly or thoughtfully. Know your audience, OP!

  21. One year I took a box and wrapped it. had a big bow and it was open on the top and bottom....two strings as shoulder straps. My sister was a present.

  22. ESH - First, you are not contributing, the government is. Your kids are supporting you. Additionally, you have made the choice to have dogs, which do cost money you don't have.

  23. Omg I worked at a liquor store in a bigger city in a state with kinda strict liquor laws.

  24. I love this logic... People thinking they have to abide by "their" laws in other states, provinces, or countries.

  25. This is a fire hazard. Don't even bother with the landlord... call up your local fire department and have them do an inspection. Stuff will be moved immediately and they may be fined.

  26. Your cried hysterically 3 times over something so he spent a bunch of money to help you. This is all on you. Guy just tried to make your pain go away.

  27. YTA...and OMFG watch a YouTube video FFS. It's pumping gas not nuclear engineering... you are just being lazy. "It could go bad quick." Wha??

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