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  1. All these buffets you guys describe are nothing like the buffets around me.

  2. Oh i no, i thought more in the way of “kids fear” ? Who taught them. However yeah it’s just a thing in their brain as in phobia. It’s just random. Fear of roaches , fear of heights. Fear of needles. Yeah I forgot about it.

  3. I got vertigo just from standing on the top platforms of taller playgrounds as a kid.

  4. That's the whole point. I proposed one big quesadilla cut in half and got yelled at.

  5. That's the thing, you don't need to explain all of the details like that when they are so little. Nor do you when they are older, because it would result in the same exact food anyways.

  6. My goodness, as attractive as she was then, she was nothing compared to how beautiful she became..

  7. she's had plastic surgery, fillers, botox. she would look very different and look her age more if she didnt have things done either. keeping a healthy weight also helps with a youthful appearance

  8. Oh chill out. Just because people disagreed with you on not taking your world population post as the absolute truth doesnt mean we're all agent smiths. I was one of those commenters. If you spent any time going back through my post history you would see I am a very real individual who advocates for out there ideas such as these. Maybe your ideas just arent perfect. Maybe you should humble yourself and try to seek the real truths instead of considering that idea of yours to be of upmost importance.

  9. Because you are the one who made it about no one believing you and you won't consider the words being said trying to help teach you. You want to stick your head in the ground and yell no one else is doing the same, you will get treated that way. You made it about you. You you you are responsible for your words. Dense as hell.

  10. Stomach sicknesses and milk are a bad fucking combo unless you enjoy constant rotten cottage cheese distribution.

  11. I've had 3 kids and I don't use descriptions loosely. I know what I'm about.

  12. A lot of women can’t come without a vibrator. It’s not that their partner is inadequate, it’s that they need a particular kind of stimulation to come. It’s not a failing by either partner.

  13. ok but i am literally the woman i am talking about and i dont need one? its so weird how everyone is always so quick to respond with these sorts of generalizations to a specific individuals life experience

  14. The third word in your comment was “you,” so it appeared to me you were offering your opinion about someone other than yourself.

  15. This is a normal way of speaking for many. Make your own comment about your desensitization and learn to get in tune with your body better. You sound seriously disconnected from yourself and yet want to make it all about yourself despite me saying it's my personal opinion.

  16. Yes, but on Everest, you become more popsicle, and thus stiff. By the time rigor is over, you're likely solid anyway.

  17. Yeah but no one posted the solution and I’m browsing too all time because they are good posts, 2019 has been shit for posts so far.

  18. Just curious, do you mention having kids on your profile? That is, if you're looking for an actual relationship on there.

  19. Griege…Pinot griege… Pinot grigio… aaannnndd just like that I’m drinking, happy Friday everyone👍

  20. Interesting. I actually think I like the hot pineapple chunks with rice and chicken, particularly if there is some spicy or salty sauce with it.

  21. Yeah I mean I've eaten it, I'm not going to wretch and spit it out but I'm going to go out of my way to order the things without pineapple. Unless its the sweet n sour chicken lol, which is easy to pick around. Yeah something about it staying hotter than the onion, carrot, and bell pepper is weird too.

  22. Dude hot fruit desserts are one of my favourites. Give me your grandma's number, clearly I need to take over whatever goodies she's not making for you.

  23. My grandma won't lift a finger and that includes cooking. I am the pie maker lol. And I make good creamy filling pies, with custards/puddings and homemade merengue or whipped cream. My favorite are chess pie and real key lime pie.

  24. I don't wanna sound ignorant but I never really got fashion. I don't see why wearing a certain type of shoe should look good 3 years ago but now it's 'totally lame'. I just wear what's comfortable and cheap and what I think looks cool. My girlfriend told me that she admires how I dress 'unfashionably' to go against societal norms but that's never been the point

  25. Same. I see some people who look at someone's shoes before they'll even look at the person. I see judgement in their eyes for my extremely basic, clean, nonbranded black sneakers, while they are wearing some alien clown sneaker that probably cost $300 and honestly looks ugly as fuck to me. It's a status symbol thing to them. To me, it tells me what kind of people to avoid hanging out with. I don't mind people enjoying what they enjoy, but a lot of these people that I've personally known are the same type to turn around and beg their snapchat follows for money for diapers or to keep their phone on. While trying to act like they're rich as fuck on insta and tiktok.

  26. you shouldnt burn propane inside, need proper ventilation. i think this could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. also frying turkeys is really dangerous in general.

  27. I've had thanksgiving at several different friends houses over the years and it always threw me off when people ate Thanksgiving "dinner" at dinner time. Most people I've known have it in the early afternoon at like 1-2 pm.

  28. I literally heard some news anchors berating people for eating earlier than 6 pm. Made no sense, we're making all this food but they're just gonna have, what, a salad for lunch first? Hell naw. You eat it for a 1 pm lunch, then leave the food out until dinner, because Thanksgiving is the only day of the year that food temperature safety goes out the window. Then stuff yourself more at dinner and put the extremely questionable leftovers away and continue to eat on them until you're sick of it all and everything has become either too soggy or too dry.

  29. Maybe. Not native English speaker so I dont see those often.

  30. I showed this to my 4 year old and after much reflection he blurted out: Ball!

  31. There still is a hidden, esoteric meaning in all of this. You may have one of the next great philosophers on your hand. After all, ball is life.

  32. ahahah as if I cared about imaginary sources from your favourate youtuber

  33. Awww getting personal are we, no valid arguments left buddy? And hopefully you don't invest your money yourself if you think I asked for investment advice XD

  34. if you take it personal thats your own problem snowflake. sounds like you're pretty new here and don't realize how accessible your account history is, and that people have every right to scrutinize it when you're being a petulant child.

  35. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds cucumber to have a really strong taste! Most people claim it tastes like water to them and has no smell and that could not be further from the truth for me. It actually turns my stomach a little bit if I even catch a whiff of cucumber.

  36. Try peeling them, and also try english cucumber (they're much smaller and more mild) or hothouse cucumber (and peel either as well).. miles better, i only eat these and not the budget cukes with the thicker uniform skin. the peel contains more of the stronger flavors. and also is known to cause burping, so some people are likely sensitive to that compound which causes a dislike as well. i do like the skin on the varieties mentioned but removing would help make them milder.

  37. I've drunk meltwater pouring from a crack in a rock that was fed by a glacier above me, it was ice cold and absolutely crystal clear. It was so good I dumped out my camelback and filled it with magical springwater which was probably risky but fuck it, didn't get the shits.

  38. the colder it is the safer it is likely to be. though this isnt to say there arent cold resistant organisms, as well as ones that can straight up lay dormant

  39. I used to feel this way until I broadened my horizons by learning more about other countries. Especially watching firsthand videos of people traveling in extremely populated countries. Or just areas that I assumed very few people would live.

  40. i wish i could show jim carrey my titties even though hes old enough to be my father. just so i could say that he's seen them.

  41. Are there really women out there who send titty pics? Really? I have never gotten any, yeah, I know, I am hideous, but none? Zero? I must be a real loser...

  42. only the ones with something worth showing off. and that doesnt mean they have to be big either. just nice looking ones

  43. Fuck it even if you were 300 pounds. You don't know what someone does, eats, or is going through. Maybe I'm trying to get down to a healthy weight and that Snickers is my cheating moment of the week, shove your opinion up your own ass and leave MY ass alone.

  44. For real. Like what if their mom just got diagnosed with cancer and they just wanted some comfort food/quick energy bite before going to see them. Maybe they just got broken up with or their dog died. Even then, nothing tragic even has to be going on. A grown adult has the self autonomy to eat whatever the hell they want just because they want it.

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