1. I bought a side charging 5.56 upper with a 16 in barrel from them that I’ve put ~1500 rounds through. The only issue I’ve had are the screws holding the handguard on getting pretty loose after the first 200 rounds or so. Locktite has solved it so far though.

  2. We had lockdown parties in Texas. Everyone was “essential” anyway. So I can risk my life to make sure you get what you need, but I can’t enjoy life that’s too dangerous…

  3. Picked up a packet of giant Parma violets at the texaco recently - they were amazing.

  4. Holy shit Y’all have Texaco up there??? Like the gas station/ convenience store??

  5. Whatever future weapon it was in the level of Darkest of Days for the battle of Antietam

  6. Sounded worse when I first read it, doesn’t seem bad now that I’ve thought about it lol. Happy hunting my guy

  7. Maybe a Winchester model 70 in one of their fancy wood stocks would be a good choice. Always heard good about winchester model 70’s and they do offer them in 30-06 so that maybe a good one for you.

  8. Seconded, I have a model 70 featherweight in 30.06 (well within OP’s price range) and have loved every shot I’ve fired from that rifle. The only one I’d trade it for is their Alaskan model that has iron sights on it.

  9. Coming from an area close near the border in Texas, I don’t think that folks in other parts of the country realize how bad the problem is as far as resource allocation and overpopulation.

  10. Sounds like very poor ammunition management to me.

  11. I guess we should all strive to be more like you

  12. The issue is it's not "steel or nothing," because you can apply that exact same budget to ceramic plates and get level 4s lol

  13. Who would you recommend that makes decent ceramic plates for good price?

  14. RMA is the go-to for entry level

  15. If you’re suggesting I should buy a hunters orange morph suit and attack my enemies with concrete filled traffic cones while yelling “Mind the Cones!”, then I’m already way ahead of you my good man.

  16. Tiger stripe, doesn’t matter if it blends or not, if they spot you, they won’t do anything because they’ll be to demoralized by how inadequate they are in comparison

  17. Ah yes, the LRRP LARP. The mark of a true operator.

  18. "Senile tyrant attempts to disarm disabled citizens"

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