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  1. Yeah, that's true. Hadn't thought about it like that yet! Thanks for educating me!

  2. There's this little movie, called Revenge of the Sith, in there we see Cody turn :p

  3. I'm actually in the same boat. They just unlinked it a few minutes ago.

  4. I disagree. If you live by this ideal, you Cant wear most clothes sold in stores, you Cant eat foods or drinks in most store, you Cant play a lot of games, Cant watch a lot of movies, Cant read a lot of books... This is where they whole artist VS art debate comes in. It's perfectly fine to be anti someone or something, and avoid their products, but you Cant do that with all who did bad things. Well, you can if you so wish, but you definitely Cant expect everyone to follow you in that

  5. What source material would I have to consume to read, see, hear... more about the Rakata? Which Nobels, comics...?

  6. I have Ben yelling in the mic like a maniac as my air alert siren sound notification. (i live in Ukraine, air alerts multiple times per day\night). It was one of the very few times i watched Yogscast this year but Mastertasker was one of my top 10's of all time for sure, somewhere there along with Jaffa Factory and Magicka.

  7. Does that Mean the big rip - a hypothetical scenario in which everything in the universe eventually gets pulled apart because the universe is expanding Faster than gravity can keep up with - is now not feasible anymore? Or would it be even more feasible since the expansion rate of the universe is going up, but gravity is staying the same? Or are there no connections to be made here?

  8. Stardew Valley platinum (specifically the trophy for playing an in-game minigame) got way easier to achieve due to an update.

  9. You can now beat a level without dying, than save your game (go to sleep) and continue to the next level on the next day. If you die, just restart your day and try again.

  10. Oh interesting! I didn't know that! Always wanted to get all achievements in Stardew, but this achievement dropped me from trying :p thanks for this info!

  11. I'm looking to buy my first cologne. So, whatever smells nice and you think would fit a college student, recommend it! :D

  12. I absolutely hate Gwent in this game. It's taking like 50 hours of gameplay alone just to play cards if not even more, seriously? This is the only reason I couldn't finish Witcher 3 yet...

  13. Oh really? I love Gwent! :D though, if you don't like it, I can understand how the achievements can feel like a slog.

  14. 1984 was so boring to me. The premise is very fascinating. The execution not so much

  15. The drunk/tipsy/under the influence People. Even if they've only had a few drinks, they quickly become peer pressuring lunatics with idiotic ideas for things to do or say

  16. I honestly didn't know the characters wouldn't be voiced in the DLC. I tried some of the characters and quickly noticed that the Bad Batchers all sound like regular clones. My hopes immediately sank as I headed to try Ahsoka (wanted to save my favorite for last). I brought her out and tried for 10 minutes to say a line. NOTHING. Also her grunts while fighting or jumping are so obviously not Ashley Eckstein and I'm quite furious about the lack of effort in this DLC...

  17. Currently trying to do this with Don Quijote. It's going slow, but I get to flex on people so ig it's worth it

  18. I've been interested in reading Don Quixote (in English, since Dutch is my native language and thus English is the closest to Spanish I can get :p ), but then I saw the Page count (1000+) and was like... Yeah, let's wait a bit with that one xD it's been a while now since your comment, did you enjoy it?

  19. Very interested in it, but seems like a steep price for a 1-1.5 hour game

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