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  1. These ships on this list are not on sale today

  2. No, they use FOMO to sell the ships.

  3. Yeah a good point to make on sc sub reddit. Not on this sub where it just causes drama. Lol

  4. You know as well as I do the SC sub are for SC fans - You will only see the typical responses "It's an alpha!" etc. They excuse and dismiss all criticisms and just post pictures of their $20,000 fleets.

  5. To my knowledge they aren't promising any particular release dates for the ships and they aren't pressuring anyone into buying. Seems like people just investing in what they hope will come out as a good return.

  6. The issue is there is 0 information out there other than forums.

  7. We can go back to your definitions and look at the definition of concept. If you derive active development from that then I'm sorry. To me it means it's been imagined but still has quite some time to come to completion. Either way, I personally don't see it as a scam.

  8. "In concept" means work was done on it to get to concept, which indicates active development is being done on it.

  9. Is it at all possible to add exponential speed increase for prolongued uninterrupted surf like in Counter strike?

  10. You're a sucker, Congratulations.

  11. like they said in the video, now modularity is actually getting closer to being able to be implemented properly, once that goes live well ships like the cat and warden will likely get their modules as they should.

  12. They say that shit to sell it, how retarded do you honestly have to be to actually believe they'll follow through in this one rather than the 12+ they've already been selling for about a decade now starting with the Idris (which is literally just a big gun... which the game already has IN FUCKING GAME and still not available to the suckers that purchased it)

  13. At the very fucking least - they need to commit everything possible to 100% releasing that ship within a certain date or offer a full refund.

  14. It looks cool, but don't we have enough unfinished capital and subcapital ships?

  15. It's pretty clear that none of these are actually going to be in-game for over a decade. it's all to fool gullible fucks with too much money into throwing money into a game.

  16. It will be ingame way before Kraken, i can assure you of that.

  17. I mean, the fact that your go-to comparison is literal gambling is telling of how dishonest and shifty CIG have been in regards to these multi-thousand dollar ships.

  18. I only watch HiddenXperia - He often has an unbias and honest view of things and he tries to be as un-influenced by other opinions as possible.

  19. If this was true then why would people use brass knuckles? Don't they have the same inherent risks?

  20. They absolutely can break your fingers if used incorrectly.

  21. Yeah but that energy has to come from somewhere. It can't just invent forward kinetic force.

  22. You use items and services which contribute to human rights violations and you knowingly do it.

  23. I don't get paid millions to consume these products. I use these products because what the fuck else is there? And how can I know where everything I own actually comes from?

  24. It’s ridiculous to put this down. Small steps matter. Hats off to these guys (and Ali… and Kaepernick… and Owens.. and Smith.. and…)

  25. How does it feel being scammed after buying a polaris?

  26. Here's everything you're going to need to buy on steam if you want to catch up on content (They say it's optional, but unless you're okay with almost every NPC having an icon above their head for paywalled quests, then yes you do need all of these for a ton of reasons)

  27. UFO Fanatics can never get their story straight.

  28. Nono, it's the best kind of racism, The one which makes you look good to the extreme-left and is tolerated endorsed by hollywood and western media.

  29. this is why I love this change. you shouldn't get an advantage from spending 2 hours supplying. be a normal person and get normal supplies, stop making the game boring to squeeze out whatever lame advantage you can get. (also I played 12 hours yesterday and had maybe 2 curseballs fired at us so major doubt on that story)

  30. You're forgetting that you can get matched up against people who spent 2 hours supplying vs you who just logged into the server - Plus the other ship might have already sunk some others and have cursed cannonballs from their previous fight. Thus snowballing.

  31. and you're forgetting that I never said that's a good thing... but any change that minimizes that factor is great. any other supplies don't take long to get if you know what you're doing, that problem is not nearly as bad as curseballs were.

  32. We're not in school - you can say motherfucker.

  33. The nerf of Recluse, Luna/NF and abandonment of pinnacle weapons was pretty much Destiny Death sentence for me.

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