1. Don’t do that. You will have angry people expecting a taco truck.

  2. well i am no expert on 4th gens (or pretty much anything in particulae) but your usage screams for a rougher van type tyre or even a light AT tyre like a geolandar or something

  3. looks like it has some rust. doesent look bad but it didnt on mine either and boy was i surprised what i didnt see at the dealer. anyways if you are fine with that and/or can weld this should not be an issue

  4. If they actually did put an Mfactory LSD in it, that could be worth 3k just for having the trans itself. Those LSD units are a grand alone, I would love one in mine. The engine still has the original B20B4 tall instake but with the JDM B20B bottom end (if that’s true) so that’s not really a great combo, but that trans is a great base for a sleeper. I would love that LSD so much.

  5. i am a bit confused rn. i know lsd` s from the offroading world, usually at the rear diff. however the crv does not have a "real" rear diff. so how does that work?

  6. I think its an electrical problem like the shut off cable not conected in some way

  7. That is good news for you. this means there is nothing wrong with your crank case. it is probably some old sealing. there are oil additivs which are supposed to help those old gaskets and o rings and refreshen them a bit, I believe with rubber softener. how ever you need to to use an additive that is suited for wet clutches otherwise the clutch might slip. It might fix the leak or it might not over time always be sure to I have enough oil in the transmission though

  8. I love those mini enduros. I can't help but wonder how they handle. I would imagine with those lightweight Bikes it would be quite easy to ride them offroad.

  9. OK. From what I know a r27 is basically a R26 with rubber engine mounts. Does that sound correct to you?

  10. Fill it up, let it run a bit till warm, change oil. You can use an engine cleaning additive but be advised that some people had bad experiences with that

  11. Most engines and transmissions have breathing tubes so the expanding air has a place to go when things get hot. Otherwise it would push out oil through some sealing.

  12. Never strap it down on the stand. Best way is to have it upright, and one strap around each fork leg above the triple tree, tighten them until the forks compress a bit. That way the forks themselves give tension, the straps won't loosen. Then in same way two strap at the back, somewhere around the frame near the shocks and tighten until the shocks compress a bit. Then hammer in a big wedge under the rear wheel.

  13. You can also make a wooden main stand. If you have foldable footpegs, turn them upside down so they won't fold out of the wach, then lift the bike slightly to place a wooden c shape underneath them. The "prongs", for lack of a better term, should have little slots ot allow the pegs to sit securely.

  14. They are Italian so I imagine there was more gesticulation than a normal Italian conversation

  15. I like to think that the tank Commander clapped his hands over his head in disbelief when he was told what had just transpired

  16. Have you looked in the air filter box? If it doesn't get enough air it will run rich too

  17. If my math is correct there should be a little riveted on sign on the part where the fork meets the frame. It should have all the information you need. I'm bad at math though.

  18. 1st thing: you have a mechanical clutch, so much i think ican tell from the picture (by the physical cable coming out of the clutchlever on your handlebars). this is good because from my experience these are easier to fix.

  19. Yes, the bike dies when I pull the clutch and put it in gear

  20. Okay, so this means you're Clutch is not disengaging properly. On the clutch lever, on the left side of your handlebars, there should be an adjustment screw. If you have not tried adjusting your clutch cable with that, you might try to twist it counterclockwise so the screw comes further out.

  21. if it looks stupid but works it aint stupid. but seriously, thats what those old honda 650s live for. They are the fucking dandelions of motorbikes

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