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  1. The battle passes progressively get shittier every season

  2. None. I will purchase an orbital cannon and obliterate Mr. Ocean

  3. From NU to CO was two years. CO to Blonde was 4 years. We’re on an exponential trajectory (y=2x) so the next project is coming 2024 guaranteed

  4. Franks gonna do wtf he want bruh 💀 dawg ain’t gon see yo Reddit post and go “oh shit lemme change my plans and cancel Homer ”

  5. Doesn’t mean franks gonna listen 💀. He’s clearly enjoying himself with this

  6. youre probably one of the ONLY streamers of trashwang 💀

  7. I just know frank wishes the likes were hidden on ig every time he even likes something it gets posted here💀

  8. He’s like a ancient spirit that only appears once a millennium 💀

  9. anyone else not even ready for a new release? like i don’t think i can handle hearing new music from him yet 😭

  10. 90% of frank fans ain’t even heard all his music 💀 so a lot of y’all ain’t

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