1. This dude is so interesting but so annoying. I hate how close minded he is

  2. I think DHT plays a big part for men. It may not do much on paper but it does something behind the scenes. I felt like crap on finasteride until I increased my TRT dose to compensate for the DHT hit

  3. I have a weird experience with finasteride. I’m on TRT so I administrate my own testosterone levels. The first few times I tried fin I got negative side effects such as tiredness, ED and just feeling blah. I upped my testosterone dose and I’m starting fin for a third time. This time I feel great, my sex drive actually increased and I don’t notice the tiredness or anything else. I’ve been on it for almost 2 weeks and it’s been great so far

  4. I don’t think rogaine is a problem. I think finasteride at that age is the issue.

  5. I talked to my friend too and he thinks I might be overreacting though didn't say it as harsh as my girlfriend did

  6. Your “friend” is saying that so he can fuck her

  7. I love how everyone is giving OP advice and he’s all like “noooo she’s so good!”

  8. I don’t usually have an issue with my partners being friendly or friends with other guys but when the touching starts it’s over. They obviously felt comfortable enough and liked it enough to to stay linked together like that. Doesn’t sit right with me either 🤷‍♂️

  9. Not everyone wants kids, also adoption is a thing!

  10. I’m less than one month on finasteride and felt a testosterone boost. I think it’ll go down eventually once my body recalibrates. Basically I am more unhindered (confident) and have a higher libido. It’s not super noticeable or anything. I just feel slightly different.

  11. That’s my experience as well and I’m 1.5 weeks in

  12. I think that’s the best looking bud I’ve seen from EHH

  13. Fin will increase your free testosterone, your body will adjust over the next few weeks so I wouldn’t worry

  14. I guess that makes sense. With less dht it only makes sense there is more testosterone available. I’m also on TRT so I may just reduce my TRT dose a bit.

  15. You’re good man. I’ve been donating plasma for the last year and use all kinds of alt noids and regular cannabis. No issues at all, just don’t eat an edible and fall asleep in the chair and you’ll be good lol. They test it for HIV and blood diseases

  16. Haven’t watched the video but it’s 100% the plastics. I’ve read somewhere that we consume like a credit cards worth of plastic every week!

  17. This was/is a dispensary quality flower. I get medical and bought a small amount to try and then bought a bunch cuz it’s actually cheaper. Great flower.

  18. I’m really surprised by the quality of the flower from them. Hell, most of the reputable vendors here have dispo quality flower, I’m loving it.

  19. I love it. It’s fruity sweet upfront and turns funky and kinda pungent. It’s a good sativa and I feel it alot in my head

  20. Grabbed a oz and a gram of the isolate couldnt resist

  21. Same! $111 for a oz, a gram of isolate and free shipping! Best deal I’ve come across!

  22. Man I’d roll some up with that wax for a goodnight joint. I bet it smokes amazing!

  23. PHC got to me in like 3 days. I’m in NC. Also WNC CBD got to me in the same time frame. They’re the two fastest I’ve had so far. You in NC by any chance? If so hit me up and I can help you out while you get sorted

  24. Do you also get annoyed by her breathing or the way she chews? I’d get pissed if my partner got irritated with something I couldn’t help. It’s not like she’s shitting on the floor, she’s sick bro. Chill out

  25. Best solution is an inline fan and filter, that pretty much solves the issue. ONA gel is another good tool to block odors.

  26. Thanks! I saw a 4 inch with a inline carbon filter. I may grab that, it was only like$100

  27. This is what I use to attach a 4 inch inline filter to a bucket. Use a 3 inch hole saw to drill a hole in the bucket or tote and jam it in. Gives you a nice way to attach the hose without a big mess of duct tape or whatever.

  28. Yeah he’s going to be built next! I forgot about that guy. I swear I had a Lushen too but I guess not

  29. Not even going to lie man, I’ve thought about this game the entire 2 or so years that I didn’t play it. This game beat me when I first downloaded it 🤣

  30. Happened to me with a girl I was seeing. We hung out a lot over the course of like 2 months, I met her kid and everything. Tried to make it official that we were a couple and she said the same thing. Turns out she wanted to have open options if anyone else came along because when I broke it off she was with someone else almost immediately

  31. I posted this like last year and got suspended from the sub 😑

  32. Probably I will too (don’t know) but come on, it is something we all did during our simpler times.

  33. Oh dude, so many afternoons spent trying to catch a peek and listening 🤣

  34. It’s always the most beautiful people that want to change their face.

  35. Preston has been killing it lately. WNC is good if you can get the smalls option or don’t mind paying more for bag appeal. Also upstate help has been putting out some quality stuff lately, have never bought from them but they look amazing

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