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  1. I completely understand this perspective, and personally would not use the term myself, but the narrative in this sub is that it's never ok, and that nobody should be using the term, because of a hindsight narrative pushed by one group at the expense of another. The term has a context completely divorced from the one that has been popularized here, and people should be aware of its actual origins instead of using it for rage-bait.

  2. I don't believe the narrative is that women cannot use the term themselves, but rather that in certain contexts it can be very disrespectful or uncomfortable for a cis man to use it, especially in a public forum shared with women. There is a lot of shame attached to that word, regardless of its origins. Ignoring that added context seems borderline willful ignorance.

  3. Speaking as someone who watched Picard let me assure you I can both think the show is canon and think the show is shit at the same time, I went through this with the Star Wars Prequels.

  4. TOS fan who had to sit through Generations the movie reporting for duty. Even Leonard Nimoy called that script "lousy" and walked away from it. It do be like that sometimes.

  5. Even as a TNG fan Generations was rough; I can't quite say it was bad, but it was definitely lacking in something. For my part I just thought it was way too bland, like unflavored tapioca pudding; I don't hate Generations but I don't think I've ever rewatched it, either.

  6. I adore TNG as well. There's a very special place in my heart for that crew, too. :) TOS crew are just my OGs.

  7. I would argue TMP is the most TOS like... But agree with the rest.

  8. I agree with that except I saw what the cast/production were saying re: lacking in character scenes. All that time committed to the special effects left little room for character interaction and it showed; the film was more about the effects that the characters as an end product, but we showed up for the characters.

  9. Well you just blasted my opinion out of the water. I didn't think\know about some of that.

  10. Yeah I still just about vibrate through my seat with excitement every time I watch TMP, I love it with every fibre of my being. But would have been great if it got to be the fully realized concept it was intended to be.

  11. I actually agreed with Anita - I do think Stephanie has been a bit crass at times and could do with a bit more decorum, thought, sophistication. I feel like she just blurts out stuff without thinking through.

  12. I’m not sure how I felt about icesis’s comment about watching him leave, or at least leaving it in the edit. I mean let’s have some respect & grace people and not degrade our PM on international TV.

  13. The gold leaf accents were so well placed, as well as the details of the scale-like makeup on her head and neck.

  14. They both killed it so hard and I was so happy they went with a song like this for the finale. I literally didn’t know who was gonna win when it ended.

  15. Me either, it was such a perfect quintessential drag performance from both parties.

  16. U've seen the BTS where they kiss right?

  17. Absolutely legendary. I laughed so hard I just about hurt myself.

  18. This is one of those episodes that I never considered very good, but was a showcase for just how versatile an actor Brent Spiner was. I honestly think that without him, there's not a lot to like about it.

  19. I felt the same. The actors genuinely did a phenomenal job in this episode with what they were given, but what they were given was . . . Well, it was an episode that happened. 0_0 LOL

  20. Sigma Star Trek Thanksgiving Special vs Chad Star Wars Thanksgiving Special

  21. I'm just grateful we don't have a Trek answer to that Star Wars Christmas Special that still haunts me . . .

  22. As the above comment says but doesn't explain the Holiday Special was likely meant more as a Thanksgiving special when originally planned. It fits as well well as Christmas (arguably it's just a generalized holiday), but it originally aired around Thanksgiving.

  23. Very interesting. I dont know much about Star Trek tbh, didnt know it was so based.

  24. It has been a safe space for queer creators and talent since it began. :) TOS featured some of the first prominently known female and queer writers, producers, actors/actresses, art directors and costume designers in Hollywood.

  25. fuck rick berman, all the homies hate rick berman, dude killed so much representation before it could get on screen, plus he's the reason they killed off jadzia bc he harassed the actor so much

  26. And largely the reason Gates was fired as Bev Crusher, why Tasha Yarr/Denise left, why Will Wheaton/Wes left, why Jolene Blalock doesn't want to return to Star Trek . . .

  27. WOOO! I am James T Kirk! The T is for TAKEDOWN! The T is for TAILSMACKER! 'Cos that's what I'ma do to anyone who comes into my ring!! WOOO!! The T is for TALOS IV because I'm the only death penalty still on the books!!! I took on Data, the Sangfroid Android, and pinned him so fast, he learned the human emotion of shame! WOOOOOO!!! I've fought robots, lizard men, gods, and court-martials!! I KNOW SPACE KARATE!! And I want to send a message to Ben "The Prophet" Sisko. Sisko, I've seen you fight. I've seen your so-called pins. If you're a PROPHET, you know I'ma send you back into your wormhole so hard, you'll think you're a 1950s science-fiction writer! I. AM. KIROK! WOOOOOOO!!! Kirk out!

  28. And just like that I'm back into wrestling again. What a plot twist.

  29. Wonder what they'd propose doing instead- the public exams are good preparation for anyone who's going to be writing then in the future.

  30. Final/End of year assessments created by classroom teachers and department heads are still going ahead. Students will still have final assessments, just not public ones.

  31. Thanks for the information- sounds like they're trying to move more in line with what might happen in post secondary, but overall still in a way that better serves students.

  32. Agreed. I think what is important is for students to be exposed to a variety of assessments that they may potentially encounter depending on the field of work they pursue. I feel that variety is a greater asset than a public as not every option after high school culminates in a written exam format.

  33. They say he had some unnatural charm and women were very attracted to him!

  34. He had religion and religion based lies to convince ppl to have sex with him. (Want your sins forgiven? Well God said you have to sleep with me first.) LOL that isn't unnatural charm, that's just plain 'ol classic coercion. Lots of religious figures played that card.

  35. I wonder what made him so attractive in women point-view ?

  36. He wasn't attractive to women, he just coerced a lot of women to have sex with him by convincing them that God wouldn't forgive their sins unless they slept with him (Rasputin).

  37. And she's saying people don't like the print? Some people just don't have good taste I suppose...!

  38. Some people out here watching the TV screen backwards clearly. That dress is a certified shoot.

  39. The absence of vulgarity in thread does great honor to our house

  40. Reasons why I love being in the Star Trek fandom as a lady. Overall, a classy bunch.

  41. I realize this isn't technically a meme, but I saw in the rules for the subreddit that there is some flexibility with what is shared here, so I'm hoping this is OK.

  42. OK this shirt is genius and it is my first time seeing it.

  43. They just got a crown jewel in their roster. <3 So proud of Jinkx!

  44. My thought exactly! A nice light pastel teal/mint would be lovely with the orange.

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