1. I feel your pain, I’ve got the same problem with the Porgs.

  2. I'll patiently wait for someone else to research and tell me who you are so I can point you out while watching Our Flag Means Death ... which is a great show.

  3. Damien Gerard, Father Teach (Ed/Blackbeard’s dad)

  4. I think it was Whistle For The Choir by The Fratellis, in which case the lyric is “a girl like you’s just irresistible”

  5. Congrats! If you haven't already, consider Fallout 76 to complete the collection. It's not as bad as it was 3 years ago and not a difficult 100%

  6. I started it ages ago, but didn’t get into at the time. I do plan on going back to it though, I heard it’s improved a lot.

  7. After being neglected as a child he spent a year entertaining people at birthday parties before coming to live with us for the last 18 months where he brought even more fun and laughter.

  8. Did Valhalla auto-pop for you? I just finished off the PS4 version and tried it on my ps5 and nothing happened.

  9. Most, but not all. Try assassinating someone, that’s what made them start popping for me. The suthsexe arc, prophecy quest and kill all order of the ancients ones didn’t pop though so I had to redo the requirements for them.

  10. I currently have The Ezio Collection, 3, Liberation &' Odyssey. Working through Rogue now but contemplating waiting on that &' doing Black Flag first. Is there any tips you can give for Black Flag when it comes to the mp trophies &' the Blackbeard DLC

  11. The Black Flag multiplayer servers are still surprisingly active, or at least they were when I finished the PS3 version a few months back and I can’t imagine it’s changed much. There is also a discord server which helped me get enough people together for AC Brotherhood and Revelations MP, but I don’t recall needing it for Black Flag. Good luck!

  12. I loaded up a PS4 save on PS5 earlier, can confirm it runs so much better than the PS4 ever did.

  13. Yeah I know that you still can play but every time I try it I get an error code

  14. The PS3 servers were down for everyone a couple of weeks back, not sure when you tried it?

  15. 2 months ago I can join a lobby but when the game starts I get kicked every time

  16. Did you solve this, mate? I ran into the same issue today. Gutting so close to the end of the game.

  17. Unfortunately not. My PS4 died and had to do a factory reset. It’s not set as my primary console so the save wasn’t backed up to PS+ and I’ve lost all my progress. Haven’t quite built up the motivation to start all over again. Hope you manage to find a less drastic workaround!

  18. How much would the parts cost, roughly?

  19. Great, thanks! Will be purchasing this at the end of the month when I get paid, looks awesome!

  20. My wife and I once had a argument about traffic lights

  21. Looks like the shell didn't cook and crumbled up in the middle?

  22. I think the pasta sheets on top didn’t cover the top well enough, so the sauce got around them and they crumpled and burnt? I’m really not sure how it went so badly wrong

  23. It was actually okay. Not great, not terrible.

  24. Giving total strangers the task of finding long lost family heirlooms

  25. So the vet said he’s had tail rot before with a previous owner and to keep an eye on it. The tip of his tail is unchanged, but he’s got these dark rings around the bottom half, hopefully the picture is clear. His tail is currently shedding. Should we take him to the vet?

  26. Just tried it didn't work either but thanks I didn't even know that what the hole was for

  27. Just to check, did you try it with a different usb cable? The controllers won’t work wirelessly in safe mode, only via USB. Hope you get it fixed!

  28. He’s black. If he wasn’t stressed, he wouldn’t be that dark. What is your basking temperature?

  29. Also, he spends most of his time in the colder end of the vivarium, so I don’t think he’s too cold.

  30. It’s set to 84’F/29’C, not certain what the actual temperature is in there. It was set higher than that but he was showing signs of being too hot so we turned it down. His beard doesn’t look very dark in person. He’s also eating fine and using the toilet. We haven’t had him long so I’m far from an expert, but I think he’s okay?

  31. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hippe-Haaksels-Unicorn-nose-warmer/dp/B07K26G2XX

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