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  1. I'd probably start doing little neighborhood or city from that. Or buildings from games/movies

  2. Naw it doubles each time. After the 1st time you finish your stamina goes up to 4 min. Then to 8 min and so on.

  3. So he's gonna go for 65 536 minutes? (1 092 hours)

  4. When you're going into a shower turn it on first with clothes on

  5. My uncle's lethal dose was 37 miligrams

  6. Troll, i guess? Or sociopath/psychopath?

  7. You’re right. If it leaks. Plugging off the hose at the end does put out the fire. But what happens if he takes his thumb off. It still leaks. Problem not solved.

  8. That's what i thought, if nobody's in danger by that fire i think you should just let it burn, Co2 in atmosphere i think is more healthy than gas. And obviously if it is in dangerous place def should put the fire out, for example if there's other gas canister nearby, on gas station etc. (Non-professional reddit guy opinion, do not beat me up if wrong)

  9. I can take Autumn Falls any day too bro

  10. Been there, done that. I had laptop with intel pentium + integrated graphics, i played games with that 5-6 years, i finally upgraded to my gaming pc 2-3 years ago and i do not miss those times with a laptop at all

  11. I was thinking of xytex sperm bank but I'm up for any other ideas

  12. I mean im down for that, bank is a bank. Bet there's alot of yoghurt there

  13. I don't know about the states, but where I'm from it's okay as long as the age gap between them is less than 3 years. So 18 and 16 works out, 18 and 15 also kinda works out depending on birthdays, 18 and 14 is not ok

  14. In my opinion 15 and 18 is already too much

  15. People saying that he's lucky to survive that but you gotta give some credit to driver who pressed clutch in time

  16. i think he stopped because he hit the wall, not because the driver is godlike. lucky.

  17. Tractor would have been going further if driver wouldnt press the clutch, and im not saying he's godlike, but good reaction time from him, deserves some credit for that

  18. Shoes are still on, she'll be fine

  19. Complete misinformation with subtitles, woman is just saying that "he will be on internet and he should get out of there"

  20. People craving for an identity to stand up from the crowd : confused pikachu face

  21. Tai sit toinen ois norjan vuoristoihin, mut siel voi olla itelläki vähä hankala selviytyä

  22. Toisin sanoin, reddit käyttäjä

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