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  1. Still here…in it for the long haul…just not checking on things nearly as often. Did top off my bag a few minutes ago, though.

  2. Michael Buble’ covering Brad Paisley’s “Ticks”. Hilarious!!

  3. Well I guess there are a TON of violent militia extremists here in Missouri driving around with 2a license plates. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Same in Tennessee(I have it on 2 vehicles), Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, and even Maryland!!

  5. Well…unless the pace picks up, it will be close to the end of 2023. Based on the time it took to go from 3000 to 4000 (averaged about 10.5 new holders per day) and from 4000 to 4100 (dropped to 2.4 new holders per day) this is going to take a while if things don’t pick up soon.

  6. Within the CB Wallet you can access Uniswap. Open the CB Wallet app and tap on the four squares at the bottom.

  7. I know it's tough to see the light at the end of this tunnel. But reality is there's no point in selling now right? Something does need to be done to attract new holders because at this rate we'll hit 5k in another year. And people use that milestone cause of the airdrop but 5k still is a super low amount of holders. Even with the economy the way it is in the world there's still hundreds of millions of people continuing to buy crypto every day. The fact we can't even get a small slice of them does worry me at times but oh well. Weird to me is everyone reassures themselves saying "slow and organic" growth but I never heard anyone who ever built, lead, or worked on something say "I don't want to be too successful too fast". That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

  8. I don’t disagree. I have my bag where I want it, and only add when I truly have some disposable cash. I am committed and holding, but not really growing anymore either. I wonder how many are in the same situation.

  9. I have my problems with McConnell, but he almost singlehandedly got Trump elected by navigating that mess after Scalia mess, keeping Merrick Garland (the current nightmare of an AG) out of a SCOTUS seat, and energizing the pro life base to vote for Trump after he released his list of justices. McConnell is a mixed bag, not all good and not all bad.

  10. I agree with this. I won’t ever disrespect the guy because of all the conservative justices he pushed through in Trump’s 4 years. That, in itself, is worth my respect.

  11. Good for you for being willing/able to invest such a large amount, but also for wanting to do it in such a way that will help the project, and the community. Not just thinking of yourself…very commendable!

  12. No not really, it’s accurate representation of americas military forces. There are plenty of women naval aviators

  13. Agreed 100%!!! Don’t tell me how I am supposed to feel/think. I thought Maverick was great in that it was just people in uniform preparing to take on a dangerous mission.

  14. I was just about to ask where everyone was…had I missed something?!? It has been really quiet.

  15. And stamped the Trump legacy as the most consequential of any president since Lincoln.

  16. I sort of based mine off saitama ATH which was around .000000277. Considering they started off with the same supply with similar tokenomics I guess if we catch a buzz that's not much of a stretch of the imagination.

  17. I just find it funny that by many different polls they ran they came to the conclusion that nobody is happy with the direction of the country. The Supreme Court gives power to the states shaking up the status quo and giving the divided masses lines to draw of their own. And people are angry about that.

  18. I think the issue is that the question of “happy with the direction of the country” means different things to each side.

  19. Never been a quick million for me. It’s all in cold storage. I’m still down over 50%. I’m not sweating though. Missed the doge moon and the first half of the shib moon.

  20. I am looking at moving to cold storage soon also…do you still get reflections in a cold wallet?

  21. Well, Megan, as the father of a FEMALE volleyball player, I can tell you that it IS THAT IMPORTANT!! If you have ever been to a large volleyball tournament where there are also boys teams, the difference in the games is striking. A girl the same age would risk serious injury standing there trying to dig a boy’s attempted kill/spike.

  22. I think I saw something on Shib army first back in January - can’t really remember at this point.

  23. How much would you need right now for $1m at 1b MC?

  24. To get to a $1B market cap, we’d need to lose 2 zeros. We are currently at $18M. So just for simplicity, losing 2 zeros would put us at a MC of $1.8B. At the +/- current price of .0000000003, you’d need 33T to have $1M if we lose 2 zeros.

  25. A cold wallet is a separate piece of hardware that you buy - Amazon or somewhere that sells them - that stores your coins off any network. An example would be like storing important files on a thumb drive.

  26. It honestly comes down to what makes you feel comfortable. It's your money and you should protect it as you please. I actually might get a cold wallet in the near future, because I'm gonna HOLD for years! :8355:

  27. Still new-ish to crypto, and want to be as responsible as I can be. Just thinking it is getting close to time to pull the trigger. I plan to hold for years as well.

  28. Tennessee teachers union - TEA - Tennessee version of NEA

  29. Semantics…the TEA provides representation and advocacy for teachers in exchange for monthly membership dues. Walks like it, talks like it…It may not call itself a union, but anyone who is a public school teacher knows what it is.

  30. I agree, but until that can happen and NOT infringe upon our freedoms (how do we decide who is “mentally stable enough” to own a firearm?) then this could be in place and operational in a year.

  31. No, but I would be willing to reduce the $47 billion (2019 most recent numbers) we spend in foreign aid, especially to those countries who hate us. Should be able to easily find the money there. 135,000 schools, 8 teachers per school, $5000 per teacher for training and a weapon…$5.4 billion/year. Just a matter of priorities.

  32. Here in Tennessee, several private, Christian schools have made the choice to find teachers who will volunteer to go through an extensive, year-long training program (funded by the school) and carry a weapon. These teachers who volunteer are placed in classrooms that are strategic to each other and to all points of entry. The students do not know which teachers have been trained and are carrying. In these schools, all teachers go through yearly ALICE training with local law enforcement, as well.

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