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  1. You wanna start going over FA starting from 1st of December ??

  2. Yes if we can try to complete the portion asap…

  3. Tbh i can’t do uworld without going through FA cause then I can’t co relate or understand shit …

  4. Severe diarrhea causes loss of bicarbonates and thus Acidosis on the other hand laxatives cause hypokalemia which causes the H/k pump to be more activated thus reabsorbing more K and excreting more H … this usually overshadows the bicarb loss unless laxatives lead to excessive diarrhea which will then cause metabolic acidosis !! I hole it makes sense

  5. I’ll say postpone it for 2 weeks at least do incorrects … give another NBME and see if you’re ready

  6. I have a few grand of calls. Predict how fucking green I'll be tomorrow bitch

  7. Same shit then someone posted a free promo code for bootcamp here and i watched his videos on neuro and they were on point !!

  8. Yeaaaah dude there is never just 1 right answer intuition or instinct takes over

  9. Sheesh i dunno if you watched Dr neils videos on this but they helped me i did good on uworld in that portion !!

  10. Lol i did I did and dirty medicine and that's how I answered most of it lol i just hope they go right

  11. Can spy go back down so I can exit my puts. Wth is going on

  12. How lengthy were the questions ?? And is it worth going over UW twice ?

  13. Easy peasy just draw it on your bathroom wall … look at it everytime you taking a dump lol

  14. Someone sold puts here yesterday morning and bought em an hour later saying they were 50% off 😂 I wonder how he feels rn

  15. It has been a minute since I've been brutalized as badly as I have been in the past 24 hours. Have two weeks left to expiry on my tesla puts and one week on my bank puts. Only one thing to do: ride these fuxckers into the ground.

  16. Recover what you can trust me you’ll feel better then losing it all

  17. Too many of you bought puts so now of course they need to keep the market up lmao

  18. Think this will jump again? I'm about to pull money out of my 401k for a little more aggressive action.

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