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  1. Your better off not having a 401k at all if youre just gonna take it all out later your gonna get hit with higher tax braket.

  2. So you think I should wait on the 401k AFTER I do real estate? I'm 35 and I want to have something going. I already max my ROTH but I feel I need more.

  3. Over 50 ways to MS? Which ones are they? This website says they can teach you over 50 ways. I would like to know which are they...they of course charge a fee.

  4. No. Itโ€™s reversible. Reach will be down for a while but you can always raise it by posting regularly and engaging regularly with your audience no big deal.

  5. Is solo 401k the same thing as individual 401k on vanguard?

  6. Is solo 401k the same thing as individual 401k on vanguard?

  7. Join a public (free or paid) league on Yahoo. I say paid so there's a lower chance of people ghosting midseason.

  8. I have in the passed but people don't take it seriously and end up with only 2 active players.

  9. Can yall remove by and do BB next? Gotta get outta that shithole.

  10. Save it for trips. However, I won't book a trip using the points. I'll "pay" for the trip to get even more points then use the points to erase that purchase. Rinse and repeat.

  11. They usually send a letter via USPS or an email. I think since 2003 when I got my first credit card there's only been 1 that got closed without any notification due to inactivity. The rest I've kept alive.

  12. Oh ok. Yea I think in the passed they've closed a card on me but it was a long time ago. Also, do you happen to know how long in no activity they'll start sending a letter?

  13. I think it's different for each card issuer. But from what I've gathered 2-3 years is about how long I've made it before they've threatened to close.

  14. Oh ok perfect. My biggest concern was her being able to make her payments towards her spend so she doesnt have to zelle me every month to make her payments. Also capital one travel port log in. Where she can start looking at prices and not have to wait for me and use my log in. Thanks!

  15. That's the spread, that's how cdc makes money since they dont charge a fee for the transaction. The same thing happens on every purchase on the cdc app.

  16. I got 30k. I believe I wrote I don't carry a balance, and my rent is $0. Didn't even look at the interest rate which I don't care cuz I pay in fullio.

  17. Yes, AMC qualifies as 3% entertainment whenever Iโ€™ve used my card for it. So have sporting events and concerts bought through Ticketmaster.

  18. I actually did an upgrade from venture one to venture. Maybe they can downgrade me back down

  19. Quite sure it does. Just spend normally. The $300 gets credited later after you book travel through C1's portal.

  20. So the way to get the $300 credit is by spending/purchasing/booking thru the portal first? I don't have to look or press some kind of button to activate it? How do I know I still have the $300 credit. I've read people saying you get it right away when you get the card...but where can I see this?

  21. Just book through the portal. If it's $500 you'll be reimbursed $300. It's built-in to the card and renews each cardmember year, i.e. when your $395 annual fee posts each year you'll know you have a $300 credit to use.

  22. I just got approved on Friday. I haven't been billed the 395. Do you know if you the $300 when you are approved?

  23. Automatically applied using portal correct? If I book a hotel in vegas where the total is $305, it ended up "costing me" $5 bucks? Or do I need to click some buttons before/after purchase to say apply the $300 here?

  24. You sound pathetic lol " I wanna see who doesn't follow me boo hoo hoo waaaa ๐Ÿ˜ญ" lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ freaking loser. It's just instagram it's not that serious.

  25. I'm threatened everyday to be banned for calling people bitches.

  26. You get MORE diversification from just owning VTWAX than you would have from adding any of those other ETFs or individual stocks.

  27. So I should just buy more VTWAX on my own aside from Roth ira?

  28. Yes, although you can claim the foreign tax credit by holding VTSAX and VTIAX separately.

  29. ANY business starting with NOHO. Shit is annoying. Be original.

  30. Use the defi wallet There is better staking options donโ€™t use the app

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