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  1. Nice to see this pointless twenty five year old debate isn’t going anywhere.

  2. 3rd edition was a mess, happened when Talsorian was basically running out of money and it showed but there wasn't much that could be done to rescue it because it started from a leaky sinking foundation

  3. The entire TTRPG industry suddenly collapsing in the late 90s/early 2000s didn’t really help much either.

  4. I see. So 2020 is like the 3.5 of D&D, 2013 is like what you said, 3.0 seems like the 4th Edition but worse, and RED kinda seems like 5th Edition D&D.

  5. It’s like 3.5 if the entire D&D community somehow agreed to just never speak of it. It’s actually pretty impressive in this day and age that there isn’t a contingent of online Cyberpunk fans constantly roasting it.

  6. There was a point a couple years ago where Rapsody had the best bars in NYC out of all the young cats.

  7. Even Ridley Scott probably only has a vague idea at this point. It’s kind of his thing.

  8. The harshness of the sentence is bogus- but it's not like she didn't bring cannibis to a country where it's known to be illegal.

  9. Lol will mentioning it was a half a gram vape cartridge of oil get me downvoted?

  10. Blockchains are just linked lists and quite useful with the right framework. That framework is not Charles Ponzi though.

  11. Crypto has been a scam for years. A blockchain is still just a chain of linked lists that when you’re not trying to steal money from people could be quite useful divorced from currency.

  12. Or, y’know, DC probably backed the money truck up to his house and that’s why.

  13. DC was going to back that $$$ truck up even if Cavill stayed on. The Witcher was Cavill's passion project.

  14. It’s a matter of time, not your guesses what the inside of Cavill’s head is like. With press tours, working on a show is like a nine month a year job minimum. If they’re rebuilding DC around his Superman there simply isn’t enough time in the year.

  15. No, it is incumbent upon you as a member of human society to learn how humans communicate, not demand it be the way you want it. Most people who use humor as a defense mechanism are just that, jokey. It’s not a conspiracy.

  16. If you want to rock the crowd at your reception you need a DJ. Period.

  17. Shit selling out used to mean something in hip hop. Crossoooover.

  18. The 70s were weird because it was the first time in movie history they were even allowed to admit racial bigotry existed and they just went bananas, some of them.

  19. Why not say “one bin to removal it all”

  20. Because you don’t call someone over there, you ring them up.

  21. Have to admire getting mad for getting too much free stuff for your kids. You really do.

  22. I do agree that the key is to not really care. Few things intrigues a woman more.

  23. This right here.^ sometimes it’s just a test and she wants to read between the lines. I’ve had a girl say “we can only kiss I don’t do anything else on the first date” 30 minutes laters she was taking off her panties.

  24. I always had great success announcing that I don’t put out on the first date early and often.

  25. I’m a math major so math and science clases are my vocational education. “We found that for many students, it serves three particular functions: to gain decent employment, to achieve personal growth, and to contribute to improvement in society.Jan 21, 2021” based on that purpose art classes fail that for me personally. “I’ve taken a shop class and even though I have no desire to ever be a mechanic I liked it. My point is schools shouldn’t waste our time with bullshit classes. You only really need a bit of math and science unless you are going into to that field.

  26. I disagree with that to be honset😅. Even my English classes had a lot of science in them and my finials papers were on psych topics. Well rounded education is overrated 🤣.

  27. You can disagree but you would be incorrect about what the purpose of a university education is. It’s not shop class.

  28. It's a risk sure but if she can't see that what he's doing is perfectly reasonable he can do better.

  29. It’s not that reasonable. They’ve been together for years, they live together now. In that situation, you buy the house together or you break up.

  30. Can’t it just be fun? Can’t anything just be fun and not an existential fucking nightmare?

  31. I feel the same. Initial movies were nice but the acting was cringe. Take Han Solo’s character in the OT, he was super cringe.

  32. Because it’s a badly done movie on basically every level except VFX and a brief fight scene, with one of the most annoying characters anyone has ever created playing a massive role.

  33. Ellroy novels are good but I had a hard time reading White Jazz. He really pushed the telegraphic writing to the limit in that novel.

  34. Removing all the articles from your novel is certainly a choice. Honestly, almost everything since American Tabloid has been mid and kind of goofy.

  35. There’s a point at which Ellroy falls too in love with his tabloid headline jazz scatting, but LA Confidential, The Big Nowhere and American Tabloid are legit genius novels. If you’re willing to read novels that accurately portray how cartoonishly bigoted mid-20th century America really was.

  36. What, you mean because you’ve made up your own conclusions on what happened behind the scenes based on nothing except some generic PR garbage Cavill said? Yeah you really got me with your nothing that doesn’t even have to do with this.

  37. Never understood the love for KOTOR. Gameplay is horrendous.

  38. It’s not the gameplay. But it is one of the few times that when you say “that was amazingly well written” you don’t have to qualify it with “for a video game.” BioWare really outdid themselves on the story.

  39. I’d argue it’s pointless to have a story so well written when it’s delivered in that gameplay. Might as well listen to an audiobook.

  40. You don’t think this is all a little dramatic? It’s literally just D&D rules. The Infinity Engine RPGs that are even less technically advanced than this are still playable now, and popular.

  41. Was referring to the titular Mona in Mona Lisa Overdrive. Molly is also in the book. Poor sentence construction on my part possibly.

  42. Lol fair warning it’s a low budget John Carpenter action movie but it also contains peak Kurt Russell.

  43. Holy fuck, I’ve been screwing around with it since it dropped on Game Pass and I think I’ve gotten through the classic JRPG eleven hour tutorial and this is just more poorly written Yakuza.

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