1. The most important question was vaguely answered in this book. In all this soul trap theory, the most interesting one is the question of why the manipulators are letting people astral travel and allowing them a free pass? What do they lack in their technology/intent to not create an illusion of escaping via astral projection including the void and lucid dreaming. Your answer involved that we are the creator god ourselves therefore they can't always manipulate us and they had to sign some kinda contract that the matrix will also involves messages and information about escaping and I am guessing this information will be available as long as matrix exists. If this is the case then isn't this whole matrix then a game where you will have all kinda distractions but still there will be some clues to get out of it. Thus who knows if this is an evil design or it's a game design in which the winners will wake upto real self and after that they may decide to play again or may involve themselves in creating their own game/matrix. So atleast this makes it a game and not evil design.

  2. Thank you for your amazing feedback! You've had many interesting pointers and questions. I have a lot to say about them but instead of typing, I'd rather have a voice chat and talk about them on my end so if you'd like to do that one day, my Discord username is TheVeganSkeptic#1687.

  3. As you are taking feedback...i would like to add a note that if possible, it would be amazing to dedicate an understanding of what demiurge really is...and if you believe in some story about how we the god decided to get into an evil god's matrix. Also why was demurge evil ( what causes spiritual realm god to become evil, I along with science understand earthly evil as a cause of evolutionary pressures , we have science of evil in details so it will be amazing if possible to give a detailed understanding of origin of evil , if you consider matrix as evil and not game) and how were both demurge and us were created, if were created at all as all creation seems to start with matrix itself and we may be the creator only, but in that case what causes evil design and also what causes a self creationary gods to participate in another matrix and risk their experience to be distorted by someone else.

  4. Duly noted and amazing feedback once again! I'll have all of this in mind for the latest version of the book before publishing it. Cheers!

  5. What do you think about Christian Science? If the FULL physical world is an illusion, and you break free from having to constantly mind-wipe, wouldn’t that be the same goal as yours? What’s going to actually allow you to stay outside of “Earth” and what’s your ultimate goal? To live in a place, where you control everything and create your own meta verse? Won’t you inadvertently create suffering for any other “entity” who shares this real with you? What are your thoughts on Gerald O’Donnell’s take on things? He seems similar, but also very much talks about “The One” a lot… though he also talks about escaping levels of the Matrix. If you’ve also never experienced a “Love Bomb” or singularity, and very much use the illusion as the excuse to not believe anything else… I feel you’re trapped and don’t realize it yourself?? Don’t you owe it to yourself to not run from Love and “oneness” and experience it, then come out from the other side and “KNOW” that you’re on to something? Please don’t take this as criticism, but I read your book and I don’t see any concrete steps other than, “Don’t trust any experience.” Fair enough for sure!! Maybe something will hit me harder upon reflection. Also, you may want to read the book “Stalking the Wild Pendulum” or “Transurfing Reality” too.. I love those books.

  6. For me, any religion or things that come from them are not to be trusted. I think that religious people will be the easiest people to deceive in the afterlife and the same thing goes for atheists as well.

  7. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! ! In the second version of the book which will be a total revamp of the current version that will leave the current version in dust, I'll do my best to explain myself and my reasonings in the best way possible while having the things you said in mind.

  8. Now that's actually interesting! Thanks for putting this together.

  9. My pleasure and I agree with you! Reincarnation is the backbone of the soul trap "theory" and as shown in the first chapter of my book, there is already so much strong evidence for reincarnation out there.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I am intrigued and will check it out.

  11. I am happy to hear that, it's all my pleasure! If you got any questions about it after reading the book, don't hesitate to ask me anything on here or on the DMs. Cheers!

  12. Thank you! I’m so glad you posted on this site as I was recently baited by this Tartarian distraction. I also had no idea the videos you recommended were available on YouTube! I really appreciate the “every man for himself” because though hard to hear I want the truth and that is No one is coming to save you and This really is the “bad place”.

  13. Indeed! Thank you for writing back to let me know that the book had a good effect on people out there. I am honoured to have shared the information I had with another lion (a non-sheep real spirit unlike many) who only wants to learn the truth of it all as I do. Welcome aboard!

  14. Read the chapter titles, immediately scrolled to the vegan one. I was biting my tongue because I was not sure if it was going to be for veganism or against it. After reading it: heck yeah man!

  15. I bet my nickname didn't help as well :D A lot of people often ask me if I am a vegan and a skeptic or if I am skeptic of vegans lol

  16. I have over 1 million products for sale on Amazon under hundreds of brand names. To reduce confusion and increase sales, I use names related to the niche of the content/product. For example, if I'm selling a book or shirt related to yoga, my brand name will be something like Yoga Mama or Yogi X. If I used the name The Power Elite for these same yoga products, it'd possibly increase confusion and reduce sales.

  17. That makes sense. I should definetly change my nickname to better fit the book's content as well by the time I polish the book to share it on Amazon Kindle. Thank you for the suggestion.

  18. Wow, I read a few chapters, terrific book! It covers so many topics in such great detail. The fact that our matrix is scripted is a thing I'm thinking about at the moment. I'm about to leave the truther scene behind for good, because all conspiracies are just expressions of a script that is just a loop. Truthers always imply that something can and must be done to change things.

  19. I am glad you are liking the book. When it comes to the rest of the things you've said, I couldn't have said them better! :)

  20. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have yet to find anything that explains the trap this well. I was also heavily invested in law of one (which is channeled material), so I really can't thank you enough for opening my eyes. The level of deception is insane :/

  21. My pleasure, I am so glad you enjoyed the book and found it eye-opening. Your comment just made my day or rather my month! The level of deception is truly insane, especially the dream and astral plane manipulations are over the top insane that once entered, no wonder many real spirits get stuck in the reincarnation loop before being able to exit it.

  22. I looked at a couple of sections, but I just can't get into it. For one thing, it is very hard to read. There are mistakes in sentence structure and other obvious errors that a good proofreader would have caught. Authors always think they can proofread their own work but that's seldom the case, because the work is too familiar to them so the brain cheats and fills in the words that it already knows are supposed to be there rather than letting them really see what is actually on the page.

  23. Thank you so much for your excellent feedback! I didn't get a proofreader for it yet or even had the time to proofread everything myself. This is because I currently don't have the time to get everything proofread and fix all of the issues with it. However, I still wanted to share it with others as I am going into a very busy part of my life where I won't be able to do the things you are talking about for potentially even a few years.

  24. Please do!! Ain’t nobody got time to copy and paste a whole book 😂

  25. Haha well, it's not too bad. It's just a simple opening the book in a word document and doing a "CTRL + A" and "CTRL + C" to copy the whole book and then opening that Text to Speech website to do a "CTRL + V" to copy the whole book on the text form in that

  26. Just downloaded! Thanks for sharing your hard work. I appreciate it and know I'll definitely be interested in this book tremendously.

  27. Happy to hear that! Let me know how you find it after reading it and feel free to ask me anything about it on here.

  28. Oh no. I have adhd and fear that weed makes it worse but also don’t drink alcohol so weed is my only real vice so I don’t want it quit it. But also I appreciate knowledge and science lol :/

  29. Then don't quit it and work around it. I on my end benefited a lot from listening to audiobooks about ADHD and procrastination which is something I'd recommend doing.

  30. Thank you! I have a bachelors in psychology so I have read many books about adhd, and it definitely helps to understand that many people are like me but it doesn’t necessarily help me fix it. (I don’t like drugs unless they are illegal 🤣🤣 jk jk weed is legal where I live but for real tho I don’t like drugs made from petroleum.) I am super curious about astral projection tho. Do you talk about that more in the YouTube interview or your book or both? I’ve heard a little bit about astral projection and my interest is certainly piqued.

  31. I feel the same way about prescription drugs. In my talk with Mark from Forever Conscious Research Channel, I've talked about my favourite&easiest lucid dreaming and astral projection techniques between the

  32. Downloading it now. Words aren't enough to type my gratitude.

  33. Thank you for the kind words and support brother, much appreciated!

  34. I just scrolled through it and it looks really good from what I can tell with lots of links. I’ll try giving it a read when I find the time. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it for free here.

  35. My pleasure! I am glad you find it interesting and I hope you'll like it!

  36. Ahh just the kind of encouraging feedback any new book writer who tries to unconditionally inform people would love to see... lol Well knowledge is there for those who are willing to take it and open-minded enough to look into the information.

  37. I don’t know that I’ve read the previous post of yours that you mentioned, nor am I sure as to whether or not I’ve come across/read any of the Reddit exchanges you’ve referred to here👆🏼, and have listed as being included in your book(s)—I’ll find out, shortly, after I post this comment and do a lil’ digging😁.

  38. Thank you so much for the info and kind words! I am all about talking about the mistakes I did so that others won't have to run into the same mistakes.

  39. I remember you and I'll read some of your book and see what you have to say. I'm not sold on this whole reincarnation trap idea but I'm open to considering it.

  40. That's all I can ask for, thank you for looking into it! Please make sure to look into the first page of the 7th chapter which is the 35th page where I've shared the important resources about the reincarnation soul trap.

  41. Since we're here I have a couple questions. Why do you believe any of the researchers about reincarnation or the 'matrix grid'? As you've mentioned before, you've been duped by gatekeepers and liars in the past and so have I. Have you experienced any of this yourself? If so what makes you think what you've seen is true and not just a projection of the mind?

  42. After carefully examining hundreds of near-death experiences, pre-birth memories/life between lives, past life regressions, premonitions & death bed visions, shared death experiences, trip reports as well as the strong reincarnation evidence that I shared in the first chapter of the book, I realized that I can not deny reincarnation.

  43. Knowing about past lifes doesn't prove reincarnation exists, nor does it disprove reincarnation exist.

  44. Thank you for the interesting feedback! I believe that if we can remember our past lives, that should automatically make reincarnation true but then I understand where you are coming from when it comes to how behind born and dying are illusions.

  45. lol this video is a perfect summary of my lucid dreams and astral projection experiences. The number of mundane things happening in the dreams leaves themselves to

  46. As you have suggested, nobody can know the answer for a fact and we can only form our opinions based on all the data points there are. On my end, based on the thousands of hours of research I've done on and around related topics, I believe we are eternal and that we can definitely break the loop of our reincarnations in our current lifetimes once and for all. Having a defeatist mindset on this issue would just be falling for another massive trap that clearly the system would love the person to have. I think avoiding reincarnation is directly related with not falling for the system's traps, which I believe comes down to knowledge and experience. Since you are new to this topic, I believe you'd enjoy checking out the

  47. Facinating story, thank you so much for sharing! Based on my research and experience, I'd say that you've dealt with the classic case of AI hive mind manipulations and mind tricks via NPCs being used here and in the astral. I've talked about this

  48. Interesting, thank you for sharing! Btw, I've just created the

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