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  1. An Evil Furby being CSM’s embodiment of War will never not be funny to me

  2. it's a potoo bird which still is hilarious because since that is absolutely one of the last birds i'd associate with war

  3. I was trying to convince a guy I know to read Chainsaw man citing "Look dude I know the early chapters make it seem like its just violence and guy horni haha but it gets deeper than that"

  4. I wouldn't mind this as much if it weren't for the fact that Touhou fans tend to think that their headcanon is the one true canon, while ignoring the actual true canon.

  5. It's so awesome when characters actually look like adults that I am attracted to

  6. ^ there's something off about this but I agree with the sentiment

  7. I had the opposite happen for me. I'm autistic with ADHD and was raised in a conservative Christian environment, and I adamantly believed it because so much of it was based on rules, and I liked rules, so I tried really hard to follow those rules.

  8. I believe the essence of your story is similar to so many other stories I see of radicalised people. In my mind it boils down to this..

  9. For me it was more internet in a good direction but that's because in my country it's literally impossible for me to have met said real people

  10. I imagine it being more like a DnD Mindflayer like it sucks out your mind essence

  11. Huh, I guess Tighten was right all along...

  12. oh yeah holy shit that's really clever, the title was actually dissolved and the Queen isn't actually the Queen of Englan d (don't want that bot going off again) meaning the Queen of England really isn't real

  13. Am I the only one who's realised Cirno killed the Queen of England?

  14. I'll also tell ZUN "Mima is my favorite Character I hope she returns in more games" and see what happens

  15. Higurashi Na Kaku Koro Ni, I think this is Gou which is the remake / sequel

  16. Jesus sanae, the evidence is a person. You did come from the outside world, right?

  17. I think I called the mountain eruption thing earlier though my guess was that they'd use Utsuho as the igniter so they would be working towards SA in terms of game incidents

  18. A major part of PoFV's story is that the flower incident wasn't regarded as significant 60 years ago and was quickly forgotten, so in some way it kinda makes sense that it would be downplayed like this.

  19. Yeah I guess so, maybe other reason is that Mizuchi is targetting the culprits of an incident and the flowers every 60 years thing had no culprit it was just a natural phenomenon

  20. So what , did the Lunarians use it to blast Mokou or is there a particular purpose to its existence in KKTHA ?

  21. or they could have just put her in horny jail like kaguya, but I think she’s too EXTRA LARGE for that

  22. "How can you shoot women and children?"

  23. For you, sake and death are the same thing. Do you understand, Suika?

  24. Oh no not YiiK. I don't have the mental capacity to endure more shittily written monologues.

  25. There was one horrified short moment where I thought Reimu was doing the same pose as

  26. I've seen a lot of confused comments from ZUN saying that Patchouli caused the Scarlet Mist incident despite what we've seen in

  27. I think it's zun's way of saying I originally had her being the one releasing the scarlet mist, but later on I retconned it to be remilia

  28. Kana Anaberal's ending in PoDD was the canon one she is still haunting Hakurei Shrine

  29. His art improved so much. And ZUN himself is still a cutie 😊

  30. Any games ZUN made before Touhou are thought to be lost media. If we ever do find one, that would be sick. He worked at Tatio where he worked as a programmer on smaller titles such as Graffiti Kingdom and Exit. After that he moved to Touhou. There's also the Seihou project, which is a spin off by lowerclassmen of ZUN at his time in Tokyo Denki Uni. He helped with music and and some graphics.

  31. ZUN's liver actually did shut down and he needed to get a transplant. Luckily a Ms. "Sir, No" donated hers and thus far his new liver has not suffered any problems despite how hard he tests it, truly it's the strongest

  32. Death animations like left 4 dead actually existed when they game came out, but were broken after some updates. This bug has been fixed years later with the steam deck release. For example, if you shoot a combine soldier in the head, their head will get knocked backwards as they die.

  33. I actually ended up googling it, couldn't find the animations in base half life 2 you described but I found this literally imported from Left 4 Dead 2 animations

  34. will have to check that out been planning on replaying hl2 regardless

  35. Letty White and Cirno Pinkman cook Crystallized Silver in secret from Letty's sister-in-law Kotohime of the Gensokyo Police Force, which they sell to Kutaka who despite working with the Yama as the gatekeeper of hell is in fact the biggest drug king pin around

  36. Can somebody actually do that? Like some people on this subreddit come together to work on making a Touhou adaptation of Breaking Bad? (hell i'd help)

  37. damn oh well I just wanted to make sure people saw it I don't care if its me or not who does it

  38. Christ it spent so long loading I was worried the mods would remove it because I didn't credit the sources in the comments

  39. Yknow speaking of Shelob I wonder if Sam ever mentioned that he did fight and succeed in severely wounding Shelob outside of writing it in the red book of westmarch, did he just forget to mention it and when he published the book was that the first time they found out he pretty much defeated a great demon

  40. Your days gone from bad to worse/ now you face an orc, who speaks in verse

  41. Honestly I felt like all the youkai in Lotus Eaters were massive bitches to the point where I kinda just wanted to ignore the story but you're right

  42. So, Reimu is showing her crimson slasher side and takes it out on Aya.

  43. the balls ZUN would have to give one of their character permanent trust issues and PTSD when it comes to ropes

  44. ZUN met with the mima cosplayers to remind him?

  45. I'm picturing at like the next comiket a procession of like 30 people dressed like Mima marching like

  46. If anything, I'd sooner expect Mima to return in Cheating Detective Satori.

  47. VIVIT is the culprit in Cheating Detective Satori don't ask me how that works

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