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  1. Richer is one of the few Republicans left who seems to have any integrity... So of course he'll face a primary challenge. I think he could survive though, since most of the sane Republicans are in Maricopa County.

  2. Agreed. I was highly skeptical of him, and he has shown himself to be nonpartisan, with ingegrity.

  3. The way he accepted Fontes’ concession in 2020 demonstrated a real class act.

  4. I was more referring to him cosigning on the job Fontes did with the election through the Cyber Ninjas charade. I suppose that's an easier thing to do when Richer won that election.

  5. It looks like they're all trying to do a U-Turn and go back the way they came. Maybe add a more convenient way to do that before this interchange.

  6. You know that brings up the question of how do magats feel knowing that the artists that make all the music and culture they love would think they are disgusting if they met.

  7. It doesn't get much better than the Dropkick Murphys calling Ted Cruz out for being a clueless rube.

  8. KKKari breaks the law and violates the rights of others ? C'mon maaan!

  9. Fuck the plebs! Or, how Kari sold her soul to the highest bidder.

  10. Grand Canyon University. I've been there since 2010 and worked my way to 6 figures+ in same position. It's a great place to work and if you don't have your college degree yet they will give you free tuition and work from home close to 100%. There have never been any layoffs the entire time I have been there.

  11. Eventually somebody will get to the bottom of being "Christian" and "For Profit" and "Unaccredited".

  12. I grew up in a state that has Lt Gov and it really had no big effect on the day to day operations of the state. I’m meh on it

  13. Just another person to pay who doesn't do anything.

  14. I picked it up off twitter most likely and can’t remember who the source was, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

  15. I dropped mine day of and got my confirmation text that it had been counted yesterday.

  16. I was thinking "The Hemorrhoid" was more accurate

  17. You do know that the county recorder is a Republican, right?

  18. Phoenix 7 months out of the year - "It's too damn hot"

  19. Once you've lived here long enough the ratio reverses.

  20. Some people just don't belong here. That's ok.

  21. I love the rewriting of history that McCain was anything but a good person and senator.

  22. Eh, he was a proponent of every military engagement we ever got into or considered getting into, and had a long track record of being awful for the environment. His Oak Flat mine legislation was his final hoorah and shouldn't be forgotten.

  23. I’m going to vote for Kari Lake and you should too

  24. It's odd you don't mention why. What does she offer besides teleprompter-reading skills?

  25. I will probably end up printing maps from the parks AZ site, so the app will be a backup. Either way, I'm sure I won't get too lost on the busier beginner trails where I'm never out of sight of civilization.

  26. Another good idea is download the offline maps for wherever you will be. That way you can navigate even if your phone loses service. Save a pin where you parked and maybe wherever you change trails to have for reference if you get disoriented or turned around.

  27. Camelback is packed. South Mountain provides more solitude.

  28. Actually this is a very fascinating thing. So yes people in the more urban parts of East Asia have a higher rate of people needing glasses. There was a study done on ethnic Chinese kids in both Signapore and Australia on the rates of myopia in these populations. One of the biggest differences they found was in how the Singaporeans spend way less time outside than the Australian ls due to the different nations culture surrounding school, suggesting that either exposure to direct sunlight, or simply being outside more, is what's related to the high myopia rates in the modern world.

  29. If I remember correctly, it's that being outside makes you adjust the focus of your eyes as you look at things nearer or further away. People who spend their time indoors and looking at things in a small range of focus don't exercise that "muscle" as much.

  30. If you're already dropping the pants, just take them off. Makes every other step simpler.

  31. The low edge should be the leading edge as it turns so it pushes the air up.

  32. Brnovich put the law over blind party loyalty? Yeah right.

  33. When your business runs on quarters, would you raise it a dime?

  34. good chinese food. and if you say China Chili you lost all culinary credibility

  35. Used to have it. Then they closed the Chinese Cultural Center, cut the corners off the buildings, and made it into vacant commercial space.

  36. Katie Hobbs is a fascist she wants to take ARs away from law abiding citizens.

  37. Yes, which is why I know the pain the republican party is willfully inflicting on women and girls.

  38. On the way back to my shop it is essential. I really am not sure why anyone would willingly live on the west side.

  39. or like me vote for her because she believes in strong borders.

  40. If were anything like other states, statistically, it rose during the pandemic and has come back down. It's still relatively near historic lows compared to the 70s 80s, 90s, and 00s. So all the silly scaremongering by right wing tough on crime people mean just more money for overbloated police departments that don't actually solve or prevent a lot of crime.

  41. And their for-profit prison owning benefactors, who are PISSED that we don't lock people up for weed anymore.

  42. Maricopa county has emission standards so we have to import more expensive better refined gas from Cali. We have to burn cleaner fuel in Maricopa county. If you drive outside if Maricopa county the gas is cheaper because it comes from Texas. Texas sells cheaper gas.

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