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  1. Yeah that was dumb as fuck. Eat A Dick/Suck A Dick/Kiss My Ass all essentially mean the same thing in that context.

  2. Seattle kinda seem like a sleeper team. Carroll seems like a coach who would leap at the opportunity.

  3. This reminds me of the baseball player that injured his back from sneezing. Another cut himself badly while cutting up some veggies. Kinda crazy that you can have an hemorrhage from barfing.

  4. Udder chaos the last few plays... Penalties everywhere

  5. Mexico 2018 vs Poland 2016 squads would actually be entertaining to watch

  6. That Polish dude had Mattie Cash making an all out run down the right with NO ONE on him… could’ve been a glorious chance but the asshole took a low percentage, greedy & visionless shot instead. 🤦‍♂️smh

  7. Not only that. The eagles have a long history of hurting the Vikings in big games.

  8. Then The Athletic will write a weird article blaming Zeke for Kirk throwing the ladder


  10. surely this means embiid mvp since last year’s mvp race tells us that having no healthy teammates means automatic mvp…

  11. Don’t worry the Boston shiteaters will figure out a new bullshit reason to rig the vote again

  12. Can anybody tell me if there have been season enders from plays that looked like that before. It would be our luck but it didn’t look that bad.

  13. Yeah man, when the vikes came to town for the SB run those bastards put a knit vikings jersey on the rocky statue, I knew right then we were going to pummel them.

  14. Unfortunately the freaking Niners fans did the same thing last year and they got away with a win. Still want revenge on them for that, also it’s just annoying at how many of the bastards there were in Philly that day, wtf.

  15. I love how openly hostile and honest EPL commentators are compared to American ones who pretend they aren’t biased

  16. It feels like there has been 1 hr of commercials and maybe one drive in this entire game

  17. Would Reich even mesh well with Siri? I’d all be for it if Doug was still here though

  18. So why did they trade AJ Brown again?

  19. Did saying that really take the sting out of what happened to you tonight? Be honest

  20. We won't sell off our team like the 2019 Nationals.

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