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  1. I have mine in liquidity pools on junoswap and staked at raw.daozone. You can vote for governance on there.

  2. same here, hopped on the JUNO/RAW pool and got a bag staked on RAW's DAO but i can't help but feel... is that all?

  3. The value is heavily correlated to JUNO but it looks like the devs are building so im holding

  4. where do you see this? where can i see their latest announcements?

  5. What's the point of providing liquidity for atom/Juno, if you can just stake Juno for much higher rewards? Even if you want to have exposure on atom, i think it's more profitable to stake both and get some airdrops.

  6. i already have bags in ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, SCRT, CMDX, XPRT,

  7. Trust me, you don’t want APRs to stay this high indefinitely…it’s a sign of an immature ecosystem

  8. i definitely do not want it to stay that high but im not missing out on something i can take advantage of

  9. Change the hook on the boricua taino beat and I'll do the vocals on that one.

  10. That song is already completed, please don’t comment on the rest of my portfolio, that’s not what I’m looking for here

  11. Hold on, is the JUNO/RAW pool already incentivized? Sorry if that sounds like an amateur question

  12. ya'll forget as if it isnt made from the major key members from Visceral

  13. I’m a big fan of cosmos so I’m a bit biased but roll with facts, provide reasonable proof that it’s a rug pull that’s aside your salty perspective or the price going down due to sell offs and I’ll hear you out

  14. fuuuuuuuuuck this guy, NO WITH VETO

  15. i said it before and ill say it again, fuck this guy... NO WITH VETO

  16. Yes we have plans to add all the chains one by one in restake app for auto compounding for our delegaters.

  17. What’s the timeline on this?

  18. Scary asf. Bro why do they even need to be here.

  19. don't be silly, you know the answer to this

  20. If you plan on staking ATOM and its coins, use the KEPLR wallet and avoid ANY CEX, why? first of all, the APR is always lower than what can be offered natively... secondly? you won't qualify for airdrops

  21. oh yeah, im voting NO since id rather the ability to be presented a full briefing as to why a project deserves financing (with links) and then the 7 entities listed, can assist in their growth upon the communities approval

  22. I think the simple response to that is, get more involved with the process. Make your voice known, give good arguments and help build the logic that the protocol is driven by. While you may prefer to be apart of the process more, don't rely on others to bring the process to you. Osmosis resources are fantastic and getting better by the day, so dive deep and get more involved.

  23. but i already do that, with this proposal entirely, it takes away any power from the user and gives to these 7 solely and THEY get to make the decisions

  24. We just mean to explain why we are staying ambiguous regarding eligibility and why we aren't saying anything about snapshots or staking amount requirements.

  25. dont worry about that guys goofy statement, the majority of us know what you mean, dont let us down

  26. wont go anywhere without Smart contracts

  27. Hated the daily Quizzes. I do all my crypto on a home computer. I’m out of town for work. So I could only do the first two. This sucks I lose some of my airdrop because I simply have a life and responsibilities

  28. yeah i do my crypto on a laptop personally, i'm a manager at this warehouse my local tech sector so im pretty booked 13hrs of the day so, i definitely feel you on the lack of time and im sorry thats how it worked out for you

  29. There is no defense. It's trash. And just because someone out there in this wide world likes trash, it doesn't mean the drop was good. It wasn't. See sentence 2.

  30. Care to point out a few reasons as to what you didn’t like about it? Other than the proper point that was made in my post already and the other guy about the LP disparity?

  31. Naturally, I fully understand that this could be illegal but I’m wondering if it’s more “grey area” or full blown not allowed

  32. I'll be absolutely frank with you bud

  33. auto compounding with restake has been going perfect for me! im waiting for them to feel confident enough to go full blown into other coins

  34. If Validator votes No with your staked Juno, then the overall Juno that they have staked will count towards the No decision, lets say they have 10 Juno, thats 100% of the Validators Juno going to No

  35. Isn’t there a JUNO subreddit where all this ridiculous witch-hunting can stay?

  36. Governance is important for EVERYONE to know, what happens to the JUNO community affects us all in term of principle

  37. 1 token = 1 vote is something that some delegators were seemingly unaware of until now (as opposed to 1 address = 1 vote).

  38. I really hope people learn from this and understand

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