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  1. The Museum is kinda buggy and it leaks into nearby areas. If you read the info tab at the right you'll see you're technically in your Armory.

  2. In Islam Woman can't be forced to wear Hijab they'll wear it if they want/ready to the commitment.

  3. Iran is a Shia country - it's not even real Islam. There is no worldly punishment for not covering oneself properly. The only punishment is the punishment of Allah in the hereafter.

  4. T1s are ez - any basic combat gear would work (at least for me the T4 Sven to unlock E-Man slayer was harder).

  5. Brother what are you doing? You're overthinking WAY too much. You don't need to remove all your skin where did you even hear that??

  6. As long as it's clean water it's fine. There wasn't even water piped into homes back in the Prophet's (SAW) time.

  7. People leave their cars unlocked with the keys inside in Saudi - in Canada that car would be gone before you left the parking lot.

  8. Either you or the server has a mod/plug-in that messes with chat-signing so the game is warning you that the messages may be tampered with.

  9. Depending on what Islamic Denomination they are, many Muslims also consider meat slaughtered by 'People of the Book' (Jews and Christians) to be Halal as well, since Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths.

  10. "People of the Book" doesn't apply to most modern-day Christians and Jews, as their religion has been heavily changed over time.

  11. We got 3 new wood types in the past 4 updates (3 if you count 1.17/1.18 as one). I doubt they'll go for another.

  12. Can somebody explain to me what's happening? Im not into the online community so i don't really get the issue.

  13. Mojang introduced a chat moderation system and the community doesn't like it.

  14. There aren't any specific duas that I know of - but if I were you I'd probably say something along the lines of "Oh Allah, bless them with a child like how you blessed you Prophet Zakariyah (AS)."

  15. "It's not bending over, it's throwing away your rules and replacing them with ours!"

  16. Does anyone know why Disney are remaking their old classics in love action because that just keep ruining them and it's upsetting

  17. Is it Disney making the film? Peter Pan is public domain after all.

  18. Those graphic effects aren't RTX - you need proper technology for RTX. Your question is like asking why you can't drink milk with a fork.

  19. owmd says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, not OP but something had been troubling me for some days, and I need to know more about it.

  20. Iran is a Shia country, as OP stated. It is not true Islam but a perversion of it like all divergent sects.

  21. Why are you taking a pic of the screen with your phone instead of just posting it directly from the Mac?

  22. Of course it's Haram - every cent you make from distributing this Haram entertainment would be Haram. Music is undeniably Haram. Looking at people's 'Awrah is undeniably Haram. You should delete the videos.

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