1. D'habitude je ne m'énerve pas pour si peu mais là moi je suis pas ton pote alors sache que ouvre encore ta gueule tu vas voire

  2. Oops. That might also be the reason for my end then. I knew i had acidic sweat but someone told before that it must be highly acidic for coatings like this to corrode.

  3. I’ve never had a bad experience with indian support though

  4. I’m thankful for fast Seagate hard drives for my LilNAS :) RunWithIronWolf !

  5. Even as a dev you do have to interact with people. He should probably work with a therapist

  6. A funny story? Well, you're going to be disappointed

  7. James Cook thought he found another continent, but it was just an island.

  8. TBH, leveraging security updates to new hardware purchases only is max douche behavior.

  9. Not very versed in privacy configuring so: how does on check the DNS requests of an app and how do I determine which one is needed to have the app function properly?

  10. AdGuard pro allows you to monitor and create custom DNS rules. That is if you want to do that on the device level. Otherwise you will need something like PiHole/AdGuard home or a firewall

  11. What makes you use a DNS firewall versus a vpn? I’m using vpn, with ad/tracking blocker, but my sense is that tracking is still occurring.

  12. DNS on iOS operates like a VPN, it routes traffic to itself. If you want to monitor your own traffic and/or block ads either is fine as long as you can control the blocklist

  13. Fwiw you can't get a French SIM card without showing ID, source I'm French.

  14. Not true. You can easily get a Lebara SIM with no ID whatsoever


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