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  1. I mean, it's easy to believe what random people say on the internet when there's a lot of propaganda everywhere, but this is just nonsense.

  2. Oh, please. The man's just making fun of Ruskies, who have oppressed the Eastern European peoples for ages (currently trying to beat up a smaller country).

  3. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

  4. Correct. Grammar complexity unnecessary, inneficient. Hmm... Terran adaptation necessary! But now, must cure, zergling orange juice alergy.

  5. The Treaty of Versailles, easily. It created the biggest conflict in human history, which led to the crash of the world economies (of the Empires), about 40-50 million deaths and a large ideological division (from 1933 to 1991).

  6. Carbot plushies are some of the best plushies out there! I have the zealot and zergling ones

  7. Is it possible to get a picture of how they look? I was thinking about doing this as well but wasn't sure how it would turn out. Also could I get a link of which one you had bought?

  8. You can use metro to hide during and after the nuclear war!

  9. I don't wanna be mean to our Baltic States, but don't you think that we're too small (not important enough) to get hit by nukes? russia really wants to annex the Baltics and I don't think they want a nuclear wasteland...

  10. Try massing spectres on brutal and you’ll see how terrible they are as a unit with 80hp with 6 range for 150/150/2

  11. I won't, because I don't play on Brutal. Ghosts are better units game wise, but Spectres are cooler and more fun to play with. Not to mention that helping Nova makes zero sense story wise.

  12. To each to their own but how does helping nova make no sense? It’s Quid pro quo. 60% of WoL is quid pro quo

  13. On one hand, we have Tosh, who gave you Reapers and will give you Spectres if you help him tear open New Folsom and release everyone who ever opposed Mengsk. He is loyal and willing to try and bust you out of the Moros in HotS. On the other hand, we have Nova, a pet ghost of Mengsk, who just teaches you how to train Ghosts. She is an enemy of the revolution, whether you help her or not. Helping her destroys one of the revolution's powerful allies. She wants nothing to do with you, and is the one to put you in the Moros prison in the first place.

  14. Probably Communist, but let's nust say that my country was invaded by the commies 3 TIMES! Socialism it is!

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