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  • By - keg98

  1. He simps for kusa even with all the proof of shit QC

  2. Yeah I’ve seen that, honestly whoever wrote that email about the incorrect safety selectors sounded just like Jesse

  3. I’m in the same situation. But, instead of throwing a comically large muzzle device on a pistol that already has a tri-lug machined into the barrel and a common suppressor thread pitch from the factory, I ordered an Omega 9K with tri-lug base today.

  4. I agree, just not sure that I want to be having to swap my suppressor bases back and forth for a year lol when I could just take the ASR off when the new suppressor comes in

  5. Just got one myself and tried it with the hybrid, works great. Decided I like the gun so much it deserves its own dedicated suppressor attached via 3 lug

  6. Deep down inside, you know what it is, you just cant bring yourself to say it out loud.

  7. Take one of his favorite pics of his truck and have it printed and framed or converted into a canvas. Much more meaningful

  8. Send it to Ecco Machine get a rear end conversion.

  9. For anyone wondering I ended up going with the streamtoyourcar and love it so far

  10. I work in commercial construction as a P.E and I would say to just cast your steps in place (you can dowel them in to the existing slab) and ensure they are at uniform height with each other and then epoxy them

  11. That’s crazy one of the stones looks exactly like the shape of New Mexico

  12. Are you going to silently shoot the nukes out of the sky? Lol but on the real they could car less about our safety

  13. Hello, my friend has an ulcer on his foot that’s purple, and a middle toe that’s purple. Will he lose this toe?

  14. I’m no professional but I’d say he needs to be in the emergency room ASAP

  15. You can do it no problem until you get a full exhaust. You’ll just look like a douche until you do

  16. Yea, it wasn't intentional. I (theoretically) ordered just a race pipe but didn't open the box until after i pulled the dpf. Then I realized they sent me (theoretically) sent me a 4" turbo back but I didn't want to go through that headache so I will leave it until the correct pipe comes in

  17. I run my 3.5” midnight copperhead suppressed no problem so I highly doubt .36” would make a difference

  18. Cool thanks, I'm thinking it should work with less barrel but more back pressure from the can.

  19. One thing to note is that a lot of people are always looking for 8” barrels. I would either keep it and buy a new barrel or sell it and you could probably pay for the new barrel and the chop with what you make off of it

  20. And here I am still waiting for my ‘22 Maverick XRS Max to come in 🤦‍♂️

  21. They had 3 XRS's in front of mine to be assembled

  22. Well since you have the copperhead you're probably not suppressing it, which is where all the accuracy problems usually have come from. I wasn't interested in the gun unsuppressed.

  23. Read my comment again. Copperhead midnight with threaded barrel always running it suppressed

  24. Lmao thanks. Missed that. Lucky you man. Facebook MPX group and reddit pages seem to be like a lot of people have issues and a lot didn't, with not real answer as to why. Mine did, even after a barrel change. I'm talking 5" groups at 25 with Speer gold dot off a solid bench rest. I had a gen 3 mpx-k. I put a lot of money into making it what I wanted, then it didn't perform.

  25. I have heard of the issues and it does seem kind of random. I am running a mounting system that I don’t see a lot of people use with an ASR Flash Hider

  26. I’ve heard of issues with this but have shot hundreds of rounds of sub 300’s without issue

  27. Nice truck but not sema worthy unless you just want to go for an outdoor experience

  28. Oh! Also watch The Taking of Deborah Logan. The end of that one had me squirming in my seat!

  29. Only good part of that movie is the last 15 minutes and even then…

  30. Smart enough to not waste my time acting like I’m a news source on Reddit. Get a life

  31. That surprises me coming from the side that wants to hand out free socialist money. Like I said I’m a mechanical engineer and am well paid for it. Not by this state though lol judging by you it’s no surprise we’re ranked almost last in everything, you should post a few articles about that.

  32. If you’re worried you can put a piece of soft sided Velcro there to protect both the brass and the deflector

  33. I’ve definitely seen worse, and there were some ok bits here and there. However, the whole thing felt middling if not downright sloppy to the extent that I was confused as how frequently it gets spoken highly of around here.

  34. That’s true, the ending was pretty good I wish they would’ve included more of that throughout the movie. I’ve seen multiple people praising dark and the wicked how does it compare?

  35. The Medium, Under the Shadow, The Wailing, Blackcoat’s Daughter

  36. I just watched Deborah Logan and have to agree with you. While the story was interesting in some parts it definitely fell short of actually being scary

  37. Removing the graphic should be easy, would I have the dealer do it? Absolutely not. Do it yourself or take it to a detailer and they’ll do it correctly

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