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  1. "huge odds" nah fam its as good as confirmed that at least some of these posts are true. i can only pray that the few "genuine" suicide notes left on here were just dickheads with a bad sense of humor

  2. “Distraction from the true futili-“ stfu brotha futility IS the distraction

  3. I have trans friends who love Witcher, idk where the “everything would be considered offensive” comes from

  4. I've only played some of The Witcher 3, along with reading two of the books and watching the show. I'm guessing Witcher 1 is the same in that it depicts a pretty accurate painting of medieval life. Racism and misogyny are constantly present and a real thing throughout the game, and they are also consistently shown to be a bad thing.

  5. this is honestly a hilarious image on its own just because of the absurdism, but i fucking hate how the guy who posted it is trying to use it for the purposes of transphobia and shit.

  6. Has anyone in the history of this godless earth called Imagine Dragons lesser known?

  7. My main issue with casters is that there are a bunch of high level spells in the game like Wish, Clone, Magic Jar, ect. that just kind of make casters gods on earth for no reason. Either nerf casters, or buff martials - and I'm honestly a fan of the former. Overpowered spells like Clone are a relic of times when death was more common and playing a frail caster was riskier.

  8. A big part of Money Game Part 2 by Ren involves detailing a step-by-step plan.

  9. I do feel immature in discussions about sex, but I usually see the people talking about sex as even more immature. Most casual conversations about sex are juvenile in nature. The only difference is that they're trying to look and act mature(and failing), while I'm just being true to my nature(and succeeding).

  10. this might be overlap with my asexuality, but sex itself. i am actually interested in how sex affects evolution, culture, psychology, and other effects of it, but the topic of the act itself bores me at best and disgusts me at most.

  11. I don't think the incentive is linked to the number of children one can have but rather the consequences sex can have on one's life. It's clearly heavier on women whenever a pregnancy is involved, since it happens in their bodies.

  12. You've narrowed down its location to the Milky Way, so thank you for that.

  13. You’ve narrowed it down to the Andromeda Galaxy, so thank you for that.

  14. The fact that the ace flag is upside down makes this even funnier

  15. yknow am i the only person who had their fight or flight triggered by this because everyone is saying how this is wholesome or debating on whether the information is accurate, while i interpreted it as ominously sarcastic.

  16. well i can see why people would like to be me, considering im perfect in every single way.

  17. Wait, theres gonna a Knives Out sequel???? Idk how to feel about that

  18. It's just gonna be Daniel Craig solving a new mystery. No other returning characters. That format has worked well for as long as detective fiction has been a thing so I don't see a problem with it.

  19. Huh. Well hopefully its as good as Knives Out, that movie went hard.

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