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  1. Imo. The aura for extra speed lead, or more defense, or brimstone if you prefer for that descent smack on every still alive assuming you are doing enough turns for it matter.

  2. Yeah, definitely a fairly suitable replacement. Not as ideal, and harder to work with less increased buff duration but as far as replacements if you don't have krisk he's probably your best bet.

  3. I have all the champs except Krisk..:( This comp works on every affinity no?

  4. Works better on some, but yeah setup is capable of at least 1 key for all of them. Note also, without Krisk the speed tune requirements are higher - check it on Jedi's Calculator first to make sure it's going to line up properly.

  5. Gorgeous! I know how difficult it is to wear certain clothes after a SA. I had to get rid of my favorite pair of jeans...super expensive too because they were a treat myself thing. It is difficult, but SAs are never about what you are wearing but power so way to take that power back for your beautiful self!

  6. Just to be clear - a SA is a sexual assault, yes? Sorry, I'm an older person and ignorant of the term being used, only seeking clarification, not the detail of the trauma you may have been through.

  7. I'm largely skipping it, as much because I burnt a lot of resources on getting ukko recently (as semi causal ftp) and because I don't really feel the need for the leg champ on offer anyway.

  8. Nah he was never going to catch that other whale. Not without hundreds of extra dollars spent and cut his losses.

  9. I just skip series 5 times for the easy completion, have a solo offense and a 4 different affinities one to fulfill any 50 energy quest conditional. EZ

  10. I have a team that's both single affinity and single faction for that reason. It's a shit team but always gets those advanced quests done, be they arena or 3v3.

  11. There's also a magic rare secret room (think it's next rotation? not entirely sure), and for when you're building a specialized team specifically for the rooms fleshmonger's A2 actually makes it a lot easier (at least by the end you're building out champs that will only ever be used in a single secret room and nothing else, so having the ability to build everyone to 85% crit rate simplifies gearing significantly without having to steal from your main champs).

  12. For the magic room I use Dhukk the Pierced instead for that roll, but he is an epic so harder to get and harder to book (probably plenty others possible between epics and legs, but you're right he would be the best rare for the job within magic affifinty) - and then stag knight for spirit, and I still use warmaiden for force (I'm still fairly early into the game really, and she was my second 60 after ninja, neva did my starter as I pulled krisk next, and then other champs that were more pressing).

  13. Gotcha about the skill, haven't gotten to the point of building him yet but still planning on it, however the room I'm talking about is the last room in the second rotation, "Secret Room 12 Guide – Rare Magic Champions" (have completed all but the void atk in rotation 3, all in rotation 1, but still have a handful of rooms in rotation 2 I can't beat, that one included).

  14. Mmh yeah. Not sure I've done that one either to be honest. There is still a few I skip...

  15. The only date evident in the meme or the post is today’s.

  16. The meme is from 2017-2018, the date evident is the meme itself, memes have a timeline afterall.

  17. Saying someone “still does something” and posting that today, in 2022, says that something is still happening in 2022.

  18. Is it misleading? Sure, no disagreement there, if you don't know nor care to find out the context (as many things can be).

  19. Naismith was born in Canada in 1861, moved to America in 1890, invented basketball in 1891, but became an American citizen in 1925.

  20. Wouldn't the insurance company sue them?

  21. Yes. That's typically how it works, insurance companies aren't in the habit of just giving money away when another party is at fault. But any decent cover will pay you out first.

  22. Tfw you collide with a car while wearing no helmet and smack your head against the pavement so hard your brains flies out of your skull, but at least you're not a lib millennial

  23. Deadwood Jedi guide. Yes following speeds. Hmm… really trying to make it work

  24. You got any speed/turn or skill cooldown masteries? They can mess up tunes.

  25. I just fixed the mastery problem. Had one. Not any more. Is lvl 14 same speed as 15? I think it is… Oh my… I found out it’s 240 at lvl 14… I had searched a ton but couldn’t find. So my block damage team will only work at lvl 15

  26. If you ever want to know the speeds etc between jedi and hell hades they should have you covered.

  27. Maneater is highly desirable clan boss champ as a part of an unkillable team.

  28. No way to force him to do what you're asking other than manual control (or a screen/memory reading bot if you want to go that extreme). You can force him to use A2 and select a target by setting it as first priority in the team AI controls, but that will mean he uses it every second turn, he should use it on the ads if it means he'll kill them if you set it like that though.

  29. Oh and it wasn't even an upside down pentagram. It was a pagan/wiccan pentagram which is NOT a symbol of satanism. But I'm not surprised that a person like that wouldn't know or care about the difference

  30. To them, a pagan/wiccan is basically synonymous with satanism not that either are of any threat to them.

  31. A really cool guide would show the source of its info.

  32. Thanks for the info, just wanted to add three things worth mentioning:

  33. Ah right. Still this has to be outdated right? Livedoor.com hasn’t been active since 2012

  34. Yeah seems like it must be like 14-15 years old. But I haven't looked into it.

  35. So what? Of course they fucked their mom, no big deal.

  36. Yes thats true, hypothetical if you only had 530 shards and they gave you 530 lv 10 champs.

  37. Ain't no doubt it's a lot of work. And significantly more so to 60 than to 50, it's to 40 compared to 50, and 40 compared to 30...

  38. There are so many ways to grab a screen... and they are dreaming if they think blocking a few is stopping shit. If a screen is displaying something you can capture it, that's all there is to it.

  39. Far worse things go into many sausages than what the casing is made of IMO.

  40. Back in my World of Warcraft days I heard of people who would have multiple computers and accounts synced up and slaved to the same input device and/or using an input splitter.

  41. You don't need different computers to do that. Just one powerful enough to run multiple instances of it (an in their own environment).

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