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  1. On E60, the FA20 is a goddamn monster of an engine. Torque is damn near instant and constant to redline.

  2. It is when the questions it asks are rhetorical. I've ended friendships over this shit.

  3. I love how you ask pretty simple, valid questions for the clamoring masses to answer and they sputter and whine about it.

  4. Oh cmon don’t be disingenuous. There was a very clear federal (OSHA) vaccine mandate that impacted millions of federal employees.

  5. Oh come on don't be disingenuous. It was mostly military personnel - and if you're in the military you already agreed to get jabbed at MEPS for a laundry list of diseases, so complaining about COVID vaccines is bullshit hypocrisy.

  6. The entire federal executive branch is far more than “mostly military personnel”. Get out of here.

  7. Apart from the military, you're not forced or required to work for them - just like any private industry employer.

  8. Literally anything that reclines will work. So long as there's no corner angles between the back and the butt, you can fit a stock seat belt.

  9. Thank you for letting me know. Some seats looked like they would be an issue for the belt on the torso area. I'll look into it

  10. It depends a little on how far back you sit. If you're further forward the shoulder belt may hit the side bolstering before your body.

  11. Unfortunately there's locations that prohibit carrying firearms within their boundaries, so it's necessary to leave firearms in vehicles when inside. A mounted safe in the car is the best option, but not realistic.

  12. Then don't carry it in your vehicle if you can't deal with the risks and repercussions. That simple.

  13. I'm willing to let society deal with the risks and repercussions until society lifts the ban on firearms in prohibited areas. I don't mind spending a couple hundred to replace my handgun, I'm perfectly fine with that risk.

  14. I prefer to mediate my behaviors and not be an intentional burden on the safety and livelihoods of my neighbors out of some irrational need to avoid an extremely minor inconvenience.

  15. Downvote me don't care, I could personally give a damn about all the extra homes and the extra heat retention from all the steel, concrete and asphalt.

  16. See I’m that guy, that’s why I have a Honda and not a Subaru. Know yourself

  17. And you probably love the car - as you should! They're great cars.

  18. Tools are likely the issue still. Just not the tools we are thinking

  19. This entire thread has been a glimpse into the demographic of this sub.

  20. One would argue it's a cultural failure - Western Civilization has an absolutely ruthless (bordering on barbaric) individualist streak that leaves no room for grace in communal attitudes.

  21. They just released their video on the engine blowing. At about 7 minutes in they admitted to hammering on a fresh rebuild with no break in.

  22. Blew up a "newly rebuilt" engine - whatever that means lol. Then they thrashed the next "rebuilt" one with absolutely no break-in. Probably did the same to the first.

  23. I never swapped rims in the winter so I guess it's a personal choice. Never damaged the alloy wheels (it's not like cast aluminum can rust) so I didn't see the point.

  24. Steel wheels are cheap, don’t have to go to a tire shop to swap tires, if a steel wheel rusts just buy another for $30 lmao

  25. Ah, I didn't/don't use winter tires so I can't relate. Sorry.

  26. Why? The new WRX is faster than the old STI around the track. It’s literally a better car. And I have no doubt that this is going to be as good or better than the previous generation WRX. The problem is that the performance and power creep has gotten to the point where they cannot continue improving upon the STI while keeping it in the same price and performance class.

  27. The fact that you even did this is impressive as hell. Serious props!

  28. I'm steeling myself for the tough conversations I need to have, especially after the recent UVA shooting. You just KNOW that one is going to be milked for all it's worth.

  29. I don't see anything on their site - what are you referring to?

  30. Ahhhh, there it is. Weird! I don't know why it wasn't popping up for me.

  31. Its been pretty established since back in the unibomber days that an intercooler is one of the things you can change without a tune.

  32. No, you arent changing anything that would create a detrimental situation.

  33. I would be careful with such strong language. CAN you run without a tune? Yes. SHOULD you run without a tune? Probably not, but it depends.

  34. You can't run any of that without a tune so if you already installed it, why are you asking us? Get the tune.

  35. I’ve noticed the VB crowd really taking the companies seriously when they say it’s safe to run their parts without a tune. Saw some silly arguments about it over on their sub.

  36. Ayy, another WRX driver with a Withings! My cardiologist recommended mine. Hope you like it!

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