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  1. Damn, what assholes. Glad you know your worth OP!!

  2. Like I don't regret not taking a job but it's really upsetting because I saw this as a major step in my career in being private security, so I won't lie it was pretty disheartening having to say no.

  3. This reminds me of my experience in private security when I was younger, hired on in an effort to over see sites, guards, fleet and equipment. At first that was sweet, kinda like a sergeant role but then soon realized the systemic issues.

  4. This is my first security job but all that sounds familiar thankfully they fixed it up now but i still see a lack of communication

  5. More practical information things i can use day to day, history is important and science can be fun but there's daily things as an adult you kinda have to figure out or look for on your own. Taxes, bills credits etc. And it's harder when you have to seek the information as you're trying dealing with it.

  6. Ok, let me fill you in on what you missed that day.

  7. Yup looking back on it know it's fairly simple but when you're teenager and are given these forms you have no idea what any of it means, and for me all this was before i had the internet readily.

  8. I'd probably say the Flash would take the Free for all his speed is just broken and he's just overpowered 2nd place would be Martian Manhunt his telepathy is pretty damn powerful if he's fast enough he can KO everyone with a mental blast also being able to shape shift and go intangible would make his hard to hit.

  9. I'll give you The Flash argument. The speedforce being literally infinite is definitely broken, and Wally would absolutely MASSACRE if he wanted to. Barry is canonically slower than Wally, so I don't think he can tap into the infinity as well, but he's still faster than Superman on the "Top 10 fastest" chart.

  10. I think MM vast abilities give him a bit of an edge being able to avoid the first hits would be a massive advantage. In a room with all of them ready to fight to the death, depending on MMs reaction speed either a mind blast or going intangible or invisible would be a big step in a victory if he's slower Flash takes this handly. Everyones skill or durability pales compared to Flash's speed

  11. Yeah but they're not really taking steps just slumping over

  12. Any magic user that can grant sentience to an object, even low level magic can give temporary life

  13. Actually working in a story that's a closed loop.

  14. Because it seems unlikely that a creature would evolve by accident to have the necessary cushioning around its brain to be able to basically smash its face into a tree repeatedly and not see any ill effects, and as such creationists believe it to be a good example of how God (or whoever, pick your deity) designed them specifically for this role.

  15. That's actually a pretty good point I'm sure someone's smarter than me can explain how that could work but yes it's a good counter, it doesn't 100% disprove evolution by any means but it's an argument for sure.

  16. Yeah to be honest it only takes a creature being forced out of its preferred habitat and being desperate enough to start pecking at bark to get the ball rolling on a new evolutionary line, it’s not un feasible at all that the woodpecker and the many other highly specialised animals in the world could have evolved the way the have over thousands of years.

  17. Believing it is one thing but when you start pushing your beliefs on others or making rules baised in your beliefs is where it crosses a line.

  18. It’s only incest if a baby is produced. Otherwise it’s just an act of love between two consenting adults

  19. As a native Arabic speaker I'm proud of myself for reaching a level of English where I understood these gibberish

  20. Learning a whole new language just for an incest post

  21. We laugh now but wait until these guys are breaking bricks on U.S soil, we won't be able to build anything.

  22. Makes you wonder where does a group of cells end and "we" begin

  23. Black hole would look cool but let's go down swinging

  24. I don't think so, he was weird and did stuff he as an adult shouldn't do but i don't think it was truly malicious he had issues but i don't think he was actually assaulting those kids. Inappropriate yes like sharing a bed and whatnot but i don't think it was in his mind sexual.

  25. No i understand where you're coming from, Its a very nuance issue and i hope I'm smart enough to articulate it into words.

  26. Well Jupiters gravity can divert incoming astroids away from earth, so Jupiter and probably other planets were a variable that helped life here exist.

  27. Dude got lucky, he almost got soaked water was spraying right where he was

  28. "you're so dumb how have you not run yourself over yet?"

  29. I dropped my own car on my leg, changing a wheel. I don’t know if that is worse or better?

  30. That's better, you were doing something of actual use and purpose

  31. It'll still hurt depending on how hard it hits your head

  32. Yea now that everyone say this i fell like i asked a stupit question tbh

  33. Not that stupid you just didn't know. I stand by there is no stupid question you had a question and you asked it now you know it's that simple. Keep asking your questions and keep being curious.

  34. Omni man would be a villain of the week on a Superman TV show

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