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  1. TQs are a great way for a bystander to actually do damage

  2. Aye, and so are a pair of scissors.

  3. If you manage to hurt someone with bandage scissors you will have certainly earned my respect.

  4. To each their own. A butterfly bandage may work just as well for those applications - so yes, its about awareness. And its assumed that anyone spending on a first aid kit based on advice here would also heed points regarding learning how to use the things appropriately & budgeting.

  5. Yes? There's hardly any shops that exclusively only take cards (...and that's usually because their machines are broken).

  6. I'll never tire of seeing Russia get wrecked for invading Ukraine.

  7. Competence on the Ukraine part has helped a lot too. They've specifically targeted command elements and infrastructure of the Russian Military - leaving them further unable to react to Ukrainian actions.

  8. While the Russians were spending their military budget on mega yachts and indoor hockey rinks for Putin's mansion, the Ukrainians were quietly being trained by the Americans and other members of NATO on fighting a modern war. When the war finally came, it was clear which side used its prep time more wisely.

  9. Hardly quietly. Western Forces have been training the Ukrainians since the beginning. The Canadians were prolific at it, and the Russians were yelling about how that meant NATO was intervening in Ukraine. They had to pull them out in February due to not wanting any justification for Article 5.

  10. The ones in the photograph are Iranian. The Russians are apparently becoming increasingly reliant on those - presumably due to their own losses / issues with their own tech.

  11. Whether they try again's down to the individual. I can't tell you that they won't. :/

  12. Books on Amazon can get AI generated covers and even titles. Tsk, the whole contents of the book may be generated at this stage (and not even edited...). Add then fake reviews - again possibly AI generated - and you have Amazon's "Featured Content". :P

  13. Regardless, slipping the latch on the door presumably continues to be a thing you can do in most hotels. ...Which both may be helpful if you did get locked out, and not so much if someone else wanted in.

  14. Is this more a question of "anyone here in this sub live in Europe?", because I'd imagine folk are aware of the situation locally and yes have their own plans. Here in Europe I guess we're looking at America and pondering issues there, or the same goes for other parts of the World too.

  15. I see one person mentioning food. Regardless of the duration of your unexpected stay in the vehicle, or well, just for your day to day, sticking some sort of shelf stable snacks in there wouldn't hurt. Water's essential, and you can survive without food, but for the sake of morale, for all it takes to include something to eat.

  16. MRE in the pouch of the back of the drivers seat.

  17. Aye, though at least where I live MREs are expensive - especially compared to buying similar food separately. Its the convenience I suppose. But I don't trust keeping MREs in the car due to heat fluctuations spoiling them over time- which would mean keeping one there for a while, having to eat it before it goes bad, then buying another one.

  18. I also live in an apartment. I bought a cooler for these types of issues. I also have a mini fridge/freezer combo that I can run off a power station. It will only fit a little bit, so it’s not my primary solution.

  19. Oh wow, I didn't consider that. A fridge won't keep things frozen, but its better than allowing things to thaw out at room temperature I suppose. As would a dedicated fridge presumably draw less power than a refrigerator.

  20. I think its been mentioned here that a standing fridge maintains temperate for less time than one of those flat bunker ones (can't remember the name. Youknow, the one they hid the body in in Series 2 of Fargo :) ). Whether that goes beyond the 48 hour mark is something to look into. However I'm not sure if switching over would be worth it in terms of added time vs rearranging your home to fit the thing

  21. I've wondered what this sort of thing's like in smaller or more regulated Countries? Mostly I watched one guy in Russia - Vagabond - that train hops, but haven't really sought out similar content in say the EU or Britain.

  22. its hard to do in big cities because some trains in cities only have a couple of cars and the conductor is constantly watching the mirrors and will stop the train and call the cops. you have to go to a smaller town or city some places even have trains that are over a mile those are the type of trains you want to jump on.

  23. Just thinking about the lines where I am (Scotland). There doesn't seem to be much freight on the National lines, rather that's for the International ones going to England. Presumably the lines here are mostly for commuters and freight's moved by truck. As is there only really one line that even goes to the remoter areas in the North of the Country.

  24. Something else to look into is a set of "try out keys". There are tons of very common keys out there where tons of locks use the same key. RV doors and storage compartments, toolboxes, etc.

  25. Common keys are actually on my list of preps. Just for that reason - in case you wind up coming on a situation where they'd be handy, whilst being less of a pain than getting a set of picks out. Certainly you'd look more confident pulling out a set of keys than picks to anyone observing you...

  26. Blackout was a limited program on the UK's Channel 4

  27. Just as a side note from all of the suggestions, I wish our governments would give people some sort of either A) Reassurance that there isn't going to be a nuke war or B) Start educating the public more on what to do in the event of one.

  28. If they don't talk about something then its out of the wider public consciousness - unless the Media decides to run a story, and even then they've their own agenda (assuming folk even read/ watch the news and don't get everything from Social Media, or at all).

  29. There is a movie specifically for this situation and the UK.

  30. The Day After & When the Wind Blows can be paired with that...

  31. The problem with Glasgow is that floor space is expensive, so there's nowhere really that has gaming table for anything larger than card games.

  32. G3 was good, then Covid struck and they lost their venue. Its still there, under new management, and I think open, but there doesn't seem to be much traction from the Club to return.

  33. It won't happen before the war is over and territorial claims are solved.

  34. In reference to this a few members have repeatedly said that territorial disputes don't effect requests for NATO membership, specifically in reference to Ukraine - and that historically Countries have joined NATO regardless of their own such disputes.

  35. There are a couple Balkan nations in NATO, and I'm pretty sure they still have some minor internal conflicts regarding borders.

  36. West Germany joined when it and East Germany were a thing...

  37. At the start of the February invasion he stated that he wanted to reform the Russian Empire. So he wants an empire, but is getting semantic about which one.

  38. In WWII Japan had a plan to annex Australia, even split the area up into territories and governance. Didn't work out for them.

  39. Cool, Ukraine's already directly attacked locations within Russia, so continuing attacks on Russian troops within these "annexed" territories aught to receive a similar response - Russia continuing to bitch and lose this War.

  40. That point's been repeatedly stated by NATO members to be a non-issue when it comes to a State requesting to join NATO - and historically that has proven the case with the admittance of some current members.

  41. Oh wow I didn't realise Coat D'Arms got all the less intensively branded Citadel stuff. Even back in the late 2000s Coat D'Arms had the 90s GW paints like Deadly Nightshade, fun that they've taken on the other old faithfuls.

  42. Yup, in case you wondered why a few years ago GW changed the names of their paints range. Chaos Black becoming Abaddon Black, etc. It wasn't just a branding thing like with other products, they'd changed the paint's manufacturer / formulas.

  43. The one in town is open - it moved down the street outside Central. Otherwise Static Games I believe sells Games Workshop branded stuff (though its been a while since I checked. They did seem to have changed what brands they carried a while back).

  44. Naturally that'll mean a drop in price in Konflikt 47 items then - considering they were presumably paying license fees for the range so far.

  45. Oh no, I mean that the K47 stuff was like twice the price of similar Warlord metal kits due to the licensing. Either they bring the price of those K47s to be in line with their non-licensed products, or bring the rest of the range up to meet them. ...Or they're now just charging folk a premium price for the sake of profit.

  46. Yes, that is true. Fortunately Zelenskyy has said that no Russians who surrender will be forced to return to Russia against their will.

  47. He also stated that Ukraine can list them as captured - not surrendered - at an individual's request - presumably in response to Putin saying that its illegal for Russian soldiers to surrender.

  48. These have the parade cammo still on them they really are runnig out of vehicles if they are using the parade ones that are left in storage util the parade

  49. The BTR-82 chassis, according to Oryx's list, is the second highest to have been lost by the Russian Military after the BMP-1/2 (narrowly beating out the MT-LB).

  50. 9P139 Grad-1. Reverse Google Image Searching places this in Russia, not Ukraine however?

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