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  1. Whenever I want to use my air fryer (I have a Tower 13litre front entry fryer) instead of an oven, I use the recommended temp from the packet and then reduce the cooking time, depending on time and size of the item. I would guess that if your lasagna was 22 minutes in the oven; because it's a single serving, I would try cooking it for 12 minutes then checking on it.

  2. That's a good tip. I just bought my air fryer yesterday, and I'm really excited to try all kinds of new things in it.

  3. Good tips! I'll give it a shot, thanks : )

  4. I was curious about this because a friend of mine and I tested some mollies on a wood door. The first one did a ton of damage and the second one only did like 20.

  5. Good question, I was actually wondering myself yesterday. Couldn't try tho, cus I was low grade limited

  6. Well I just tested it out with 1 bottle at a time and then multiple bottles at the same time and I watched the burn speed and damage stack. Here's my video if you'd like to check it out šŸ‘

  7. At 2:10 when this man is physically incapable of resisting, the officer allows his dog to viciously bit and chew on the guys leg for a while. I know this guy is a trashy garbage father, but what is the point behind letting the dog do that to someone who's being held down by so many officers and is unable to flee or pose a threat? Could you imagine if this guy was black? This would be considered 100 % proof of racism when actually that cop is just an asshole. Perhaps more often cops are assholes than racists?

  8. I donā€™t want my base to look like Times Square. All these skins with logos and words are the worst.

  9. That's soooo cool mate! You should make a drift / obstacle / ramp course for the vehicles!

  10. Oh I remember this. They were all fighting over me. Do you believe that?

  11. jeezuz man you made me snort coffee out my nose

  12. Why was this removed by the mods? Just curious.

  13. Well, you got your wish, it's been deleted, lol šŸ‘

  14. hah hah hah you got me there. Imagine if someone was talented enough to draw a picture that looked exactly like whatever they were looking at on the screen... No one would ever believe them and they would constantly be defending against the rule number 5.... Having that talent would be a nightmare. šŸ˜‰

  15. They exchanged names and numbers after that....

  16. He said "tapes are better because unlike a CD they don't scratch or skip" and I was like "CD?!?"

  17. You can play "It's my life" by Dr Alban... It's apt and available on cassette tape at a music store near you.

  18. It came with a "Pablo Cruise" tape in it.... I don't even know what that is. My dad was showing me a little while ago something with a pencil in the tape. jeesus

  19. Well that's a shame, I have no idea how to do that : (

  20. This is so wholesome and cute.... I love it!

  21. Pretend I wrote the funniest, most witty comment about this ever. Something about his face, tattoos, society, etc. How would you reply to my comment?

  22. That Wild Cherry Pepsi isn't even going to make it home, lol

  23. Hotel AC should consider the choice carefully, remember the thread awhile back where the old dudes kept pissing in their ptacs

  24. Thank you so much for the award I was banned for a couple of days šŸ™šŸ¼

  25. Damn, that sucks mate. Glad you're back on now : )

  26. My wife said Iā€™m a lunatic for having 877 unread the other day. Definitely sharing this vid with her. šŸ˜‚

  27. I'd love to have neighbors like that. I bet it's a hard working, help your neighbor, doors unlocked, low crime area.

  28. Made signs, shouted them down, some really funny chants, gay friends of mine would make out in front of them, etc. Good times.

  29. Ahh, the Westboro Baptist Church. They would occasionally come protest in KC, and we would fuck with them endlessly until they left. Fuck those people.

  30. Sounds funny, what did you do to them?

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